August 2017

About in-app purchases in SmartRace

SmartRace 2.8.4 introduced in-app purchases for some features. You may have asked yourself “why on earth should I pay for new features when I already bought a full-price app?”. Well, this is a valid question after you already paid a considerable amount of money for the app itself. The answer is simple: the market for SmartRace and other apps of the same kind is very small. Though developing SmartRace is also a hobby for me, earning money from it enables me to continue to spend the significant amount of time on it as I did in the past. And to make sure that the money I earn covers the costs that I have, I plan on adding some of the new features as in-app purchases.

I’m aware of the fact that IAP are not that popular, but I hope that my fellow SmartRacers will appreciate the effort I make on improving the app continuously. In the end, everyone is free to decide on their own if the features which are available as IAP are worth buying them. If you feel you don’t need them, you’re of course free to just continue using the app as you did.

On the other side: whenever you’re purchasing something from within the app, you can be sure that you’re not only getting something new you’ll hopefully like a lot, but you’re also actively supporting the future development of SmartRace.
Besides that, I assure you that I will never:

  • Remove features which used to be free to make them chargeable.
  • Stop developing the “free” part of the app in favor of developing chargeable features.
  • Stop giving free support or fixing any bugs that will be reported to me.
  • Add any advertisement to the app which would require a purchase in order to disappear.

Every purchase is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance! If you have any more questions on this or other matters, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me to info [at] Keep on racing!