The Champions Club

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The SmartRace Champions Club is a big package with cool add-ons that you can easily add in the form of a monthly or annual subscription in the app and of course cancel at any time.

You can easily join the Champions Club by accessing the Add-Ons section in the main menu of SmartRace.

Weather simulation. Simulated rain starts. Change tyres quickly!

SmartRace Connect. An additional driver display on your mobile phone.

Penalty system. Hand out time and lap penalties in races.

Fuel simulation. Consumption based on adjustable lap times.

Championships & Teams. Race a whole season and earn points!

Virtual safety car. Crash? Simply activate the VSC.

Simulation of damage. Quickly to the pits to repair!

More will follow. SmartRace is constantly being further developed.

More variety in races

Dynamic weather changes

Let it rain! Dynamic weather changes add even more variety to the races. When it starts to rain, you have to decide: Do you stay out on slicks and bet that the rain won’t last long, or do you change to rain tyres?

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Adjustable rain probability for races

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Tyre change to rain or dry tyres (depending on weather)

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Adjustable speed for both types of tyres

Your personal driver display

SmartRace Connect

With SmartRace Connect, you give all drivers at your track the opportunity to connect to their own smartphone or tablet. This way, every driver can see all his lap times, interrupt the race by pressing the stop button or adjust his brakes. Via the Race Control Centre integrated in SmartRace Connect, the race director can quickly interrupt the race, activate the virtual safety car or award penalties.

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Every driver can connect via smartphone/tablet

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Personal chaos button to interrupt the race

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Race director view for easy monitoring of events

Did you know? Drivers can optionally be automatically penalised for interrupting the race via SmartRace Connect (with up to 3 warnings).

For bad guys

Giving and serving penalties

A driver keeps pushing others off the track or causing interruptions? Use the penalty module to ensure more discipline by issuing time penalties or deducting one or more laps from a driver. The drivers then have to serve their penalties in the pits.

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Award time penalty or lap deduction at the touch of a button

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Automatic penalty for speeding in the pit lane

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Race Interruption Penalty via SmartRace Connect

Lap time-based

Damage & Repair

If a driver exceeds the adjustable lap time, he is automatically assigned random damage that he must have repaired in the pits. If he does not do so, he automatically retires after a likewise adjustable time.

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Damage when an adjustable lap time is exceeded

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Needs to be repaired at the pit

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Automatic DNF if the damage is not repaired

In case of incidents

Virtual Safety-Car

Has there been a crash, but the other drivers should be allowed to continue? No problem! Activate the virtual safety car (VSC) to slow down the field. After the time has elapsed, the original speed is automatically restored.

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Activate and deactivate VSC at the touch of a button

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Adjustable speed limit for VSC phases

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Automatic release at VSC end

For racing in larger group races

Championships & Teams

Compete in championships with your club or friends. You can choose from different modes. Series races are suitable for large groups, while the car swap mode offers equal opportunities, as every driver has to drive every car.

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Different championship modes for every occasion

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Equal opportunities with the vehicle swap mode

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Export results as CSV to the tool of your choice

Convenient & simple

Share results online

As a member of the Champions Club, you can upload your race and qualifying results to at the touch of a button, from where you can share them with friends or print them out.

Finally fair conditions for all!

Lap time based fuel simulation

The Carrera Control Unit simulates fuel consumption on the basis of the trigger position, which can sometimes be unfair. Therefore, you can alternatively have the consumption simulated on the basis of lap times.

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} More fairness for different cars

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Many settings to adjust everything to your needs

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Can be (de)activated separately for each event type

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Tip: With the lap time based fuel simulation you can finally use pit stops for refueling even in analog mode!

Download now and experience real racing.

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