The Analog Modue

SmartRace can not only be used with Carrera Digital 132/124, but also with analog racing tracks. And it’s much easier and cheaper than you think.

At A Glance

Suitable for all types of analog tracks. Whether Carrera Evolution, Carrera Go!!!, Ninco, Scalextric, SCX or any noname track.

No sensors or additional hardware needed. You do not need to install any sensors or make any other changes to your track.

Timing and lap counting for up to 6 tracks. Simply add hotspots and place them freely on the camera image with your finger.

.fil0 {fill:#AFAFAF} .fil1 {fill:#AFAFAF} Powered by SmartRace. Even in analog mode, most of the functions* of SmartRace are available to you as usual.

Very low acquisition costs. Everything you need – at a total cost roughly equivalent to lunch and dessert.

Set up in a flash. You don’t have to be a technology freak to set up and use the analog mode. Just get started!

Functions that require Carrera Digital components are not available in analog mode.

What are analog racetracks?

Analog racing track (or simply slot track) is the term used to describe electric track racing tracks on which, as a rule, two vehicles can race against each other on different tracks of the same track. With analog track technology, marketed for example by manufacturers such as Carrera, Ninco and Scalextric/SCD, only one vehicle races on the same track at a time. The track can be changed, but only at predefined points and without the driver’s influence.

Examples of analog racetrack systems:

Carrera Evolution, Carrera Go!!!, Carrera First, Carrera Profi, Carrera Universal, Carrera Exclusiv

Compatible slot racing systems

Basically, the analogue mode in SmartRace works with any analogue racetrack – even if it is not listed in the overview below.

Carrera Evolution

Carrera Universal


Carrera Go!!!

Carrera Exclusiv


Carrera First

Carrera Profi


What you need to use the analogue mode

You only need two things: a device that runs SmartRace (this can be a smartphone, tablet or other device) and a smartphone or tablet with a camera that then runs SmartRace Connect. Done!

Explainer Video Available

Analog mode in video

If you want to see live how SmartRace’s Analog mode is set up and works, check out the introduction video on the official SmartRace YouTube channel.

Did you know? You can find this and many more videos about SmartRace, Carrera and slot racing on Youtube.

Questions about the analog mode

Which smartphone or tablet can I use as a sensor?
The sensor mode works on Android and iOS (from iOS 14.5). It is strongly recommended to use an up-to-date device. Sensor mode runs a lot of CPU and memory intensive processes that can be better served by newer devices. On a Samsung Galaxy S8 from 2017, the recognition of 4 lanes runs optimally. But older devices can also be used as long as there is enough RAM and a CPU that is not too weak. Just try it out.
Which apps do I need to use the analog mode?

You need the paid app “SmartRace” (available in the AppStore under “SmartRace for Carrera Digital”). In SmartRace you need the extension “SmartRace Connect Server”, which is available as an in-app purchase. The sensor itself is the free additional app “SmartRace Connect”.

Something is not working the way I thought it would.

Please report any errors or problems at or by e-mail to info [at] And if you are not satisfied at all, please contact us anyway! We will find a solution together.

Isn’t motion detection in analogue mode prone to false readings?

Of course, faulty measurements can occur if things other than a vehicle are moving through the camera image or if the lighting conditions in the room change considerably. Therefore, you should make sure that the lighting conditions are as constant as possible and that no animals walk across the track.

I already own SmartRace. Do I have to buy it again for analogue mode?

No! If you already own SmartRace, you do not need to buy the app again to use the analogue mode. You only need the SmartRace Connect Server extension.

How much does the analog mode cost?

Analog mode is a feature of SmartRace. SmartRace costs a one-time fee of 10.99€. To connect SmartRace Connect to SmartRace, you also need the SmartRace Connect Server add-on for SmartRace, which costs €3.99. The total cost is therefore a one-time fee of 14.98€. A subscription is not required.

Do cars have to have different colours so that SmartRace can distinguish them?

No. SmartRace works with motion detection – it doesn’t matter what colour the vehicle is. You can even use completely identical vehicles.

Can I use all the functions in analogue mode that are also available in digital mode?

No. In analogue mode, all functions that require a pit lane or a connection to the control unit are not available. At the moment, this concerns these functions: Weather, Penalties, Damage, Virtual Safety Car – as well as the Vehicle Tuning section.

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