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Trouble shooting

Here you can find solutions for issues you might face when using SmartRace. If you don’t find something helpful, please feel free to drop me a line at info@smartrace.de or to file an issue over at support.smartrace.de. Thanks for your help!

Invalid Lap

Error message "invalid lap" appears when a car crosses the finish line If you're getting an error message on the bottom of the screen which says "invalid lap" when a car crosses the finish line, this is because you set…

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NoNameDriver/NoNameCar although assignments were made

The race screen shows NoNameCar/NoNameDriver although you made assignments for drivers and cars Picking the controller number from the race screen If you see the placeholders "NoNameDriver" and/or "NoNameCar" on your race screen although you seem…

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Refuelling/tire change not possible during races

Refuelling/tire change seemingly not possible during races with weather changes add-on In this case the speed of your car is probably reduced to the minimum by the weather add-on. If you now enter the pits and cross the pit lane…

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Some sounds don't work (e.g. start countdown; iOS)

Some sounds don't work (iOS) If some sounds don't seem to work on iOS (e.g. start countdown, ambient sound), you may have enabled the silenced mode (by accident). You can disable it again using the small bell icon on the…

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Track records can't be deleted

Track records seemingly can't be deleted If you're trying to delete a track record from the "records" tab of the track detail view and it seems to pop up again afterwards, this is probably because another record of the same…

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No connection to the control unit

Important Starting from Android 6, location services (GPS) have to be enabled and SmartRace must be allowed to use them. Here is why. Important The bluetooth connection between your device and the control unit…

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Laps are erroneously counted in the pit lane

You can enable/disable lap counting in the pit lane. To do that, please turn off your Control Unit and hold the button “SPEED” (button 5) when it is off. Now turn the Control Unit back on…

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Laps are sometimes not counted correctly

This can have several reasons. Most likely you missed the start/finish sensor because your car was drifting a bit. Please make sure to have at least one full straight built before your finish line…

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How can I move my data to another device?

To move your SmartRace data to another device, you just have to create a backup and use the backup file on your target device. Read more about how this works.

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Although using a compatible device, SmartRace can’t be bought on Google Play

(Android) If you’re sure your device is matching all requirements to run SmartRace but the app is still flagged as incompatible on Google Play, you may want to…

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Voice output doesn’t work (Android) or is too fast (iOS)

Voice output doesn’t work (Android) If the voice output doesn’t work on Android, please make sure to check the following: Open the dialog “voice output”: Settings > Language and Input > Speech > Text-to-speech output or Settings > Accessibility > Text-to-speech Output A text-to-speech…

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Changing the voice of the speech output (iOS)

Select Settings > Common > Accessibility Select “Speech” Select “Voices” Select the language for which you want to change the voice (usually english) Select a voice Now the selected voice will be downloaded (if needed) and enabled…

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Fuel bar doesn’t show up or stays at 0%

If the fuel bar doesn’t appear, displays 0% from the start (maybe after showing 100% for a second) or goes to 0% immediately, please check the following: Are you using the…

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Connection drops on iOS 11 and above

On iOS the connection between iPad/iPhone and Control Unit might be dropped after some seconds (on both the original app from Carrera and SmartRace). This is explicitly no issue with the app, but is…

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Split sector times are not tracked correctly

The tracking of sector times does only work with the Carrera “Check Lane” (item no 20030371). To have the sectors tracked correctly, the lane must be configured as described in the manual which comes…

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Tuning settings (speed, brakes, fuel tank size) are apparently not applied, the sliders are reset

If you make changes in the "Tuning" dialog in SmartRace, these changes are sent to the cars when you press one of the green buttons…

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The in-app purchases overview doesn't load (iOS)

If the overview of in-app purchases from the "Add Ons" dialog doesn't load correctly but only shows a loading icon, you might need to check whether your device is connected to the internet.…

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Using SmartRace on multiple devices and/or move the "license" to another device

Once you bought SmartRace, you will not need to buy it again, if you plan to use it on another device. There are some limitations though: SmartRace can…

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Sounds and voices don't work at all or are cutted (Android)

If sounds (e.g. wrench, countdown) or voice outputs (e.g. leader, fastest lap) don't work at all or are cutted off, you have probably disabled the ambient sound (Settings >…

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I can't download SmartRace for free on macOS, although I already own the iOS version of Smartrace

It may seem like you would need to pay again for SmartRace on the macOS app store, even if you already own SmartRace…

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SmartRace Connect: connection can't be established on iOS (IP

If you get the IP address after starting the SmartRace Connect server in SmartRace on iOS, you need to re-establish the wifi connection completely. Please open the wifi settings…

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