SmartRace is supposed to be accessible for all kinds of users. You can start the app and race right away with no need of any further setup. But you can also dive deeper into the possibilities of SmartRace and configure everything according to your needs. Below you’ll find a list of features of SmartRace and all of them are explained in the manual. If you miss something there, just let me know. All features marked with a star icon are available as in-app purchases.

Many Sounds - Have the real racing atmosphere in your room with sounds from VLN, Formula 1 and more. Important events like best laps and track records have sounds, too!
Mirror to a TV - SmartRace can be mirrored to a tv or projector with Google ChromeCast, Apple AirPlay or FireTV.
Championships and Teams - Battle your friends in championships (including the possibility to team up) and always keep an eye on the current standings. Read more.
Different modes - Free practice, qualifying or race - either time or lap based. You decide!
Virtual Safety Car - A car has crashed? Take it easy! Just deploy the virtual safety car to recover it.
Race with up to 6 drivers - Detailed timing information for all drivers - clear and readable (of course also depending on the size of your device).
Many Statistics - Save statistics for every race and qualifying - including all driven laps pit stops and leader changes.
Voice Output - Fastest laps, records, empty fuel tank, last lap - SmartRace will let you know (and call you by name)!
Database for cars and drivers - Save your cars and drivers in your own database - including images and personal statistics.
Multilingual - English, German, French, Dutch and Italian are already available - more will follow and everyone can contribute!
Weather Simulation - Let it rain on your track - not literally, but simulated. The speed decreases if the track is wet and all drivers have to change tires! Read more.
Track Database - Manage your own race tracks in SmartRace - with picture, minimum lap time and track records.
Damage simulation - If a driver exceeds a defined lap time, a damage is simulated on their car - leading to retirement if it's no repaired. Read more.
Track records - Challenge yourself by beating your own records, which are saved per track.
Community-centered - Everyone can hand in ideas for SmartRace - more than 100 have already been realized!
Penalties - Drivers can be punished with time penalties or lap subtraction if they cause a race interruption (e.g. by jump starting, pushing other drivers, etc.). Read more.
Simple Assignment - Easy assignment of cars and drivers on a user friendly and clear screen.
For tablets and smart phones - Works on tablets and smart phones with iOS (iPad 3/iPhone 4s or newer) or Android 4.3+.
Social Sharing - Share your race results and track records with your friends using Twitter, Facebook and others.