SmartRace for Carrera Digital
5 stars - ""Better than the original Carrera Race App"" SmartRace receives 4,7 out of 5 stars from its users.

Welcome to SmartRace

Bluetooth-based time tracking for Carrera Digital as you would expect it to be.

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What is SmartRace?

SmartRace was developed to be an alternative to the official “Race App” from Carrera for Carrera Digital setups in 1:32 and 1:24 scale. Many users where annoyed, because what Carrera delivered in the first place was full of errors and missing features. That was the motivation to create SmartRace to give the community the app it wants and deserves. SmartRace connects to Carrera AppConnect using bluetooth and shows the full racing action on your tablet or smartphone. SmartPhone is currently available for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and FireOS (Kindle Fire HD). Keep racing!


Community driven

Contribute features to SmartRace by using the support platform.

Detailed data

View personal best laps for all drivers as well as overall best.

Developed continuously

There are plenty of new features planned for future releases.

Different modes

Practice, qualifying or race mode based on maximum laps or time.

Driver & car database

Add your own drivers and cars and assign them to a controller easily.

From fans for fans

SmartRace is driven by emotions rather than business interests.

For tablets & phones

Works on tablets and smartphones with either iOS or Android.


English, German and Dutch already included and more to come!

Social sharing

Share your race or qualifying results on facebook, twitter and many more.

Track records

The best laps are being recorded per track and can be deleted one by one.

Up to 6 drivers

View the detailed timing data for all drivers at the same time.

Supports Mirroring

Mirrors the app screen on your AppleTV/ChromeCast seamlessly.



Can I change the CU settings?

Yes, you can! Since version 1.2.0, SmartRace supports changing CU settings like brake, fuel and speed easily with an integrated dialog.

I don't see the fuel gauge!

To see the gauge in SmartRace, you'll need the "Pit Stop Adapter Unit" (part 20030361) and set "fuel" on your Control Unit to either "on" or "real".

Is SmartRace compatible to XXX?

SmartRace does only work with AppConnect, not with other solutions such as CockpitXP Bluebox or others.

SmartRace keeps losing the connection!

Try updating your Control Unit using the official Carrera Race App. Some users report that firmware version 5331 (and above) works better.

Something is not working correctly!

In case you find any bugs or quirks, please create a report at It will be taken care of as soon as possible.

When will version XXX be released?

I release as often as necessary. If there are some bugs fixed, I'll probably create a release instantly. I'll let you usually know in the newsletter.

Which Carrera parts do I need?

You need the Carrera Control Unit (20030352) as well as Carrera AppConnect. SmartRace does not work with the BlackBox.

Which device do I need?

You need a device (tablet or handset) running either Android or iOS which has Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth 4.0) support.

Missing a question? Just drop me a line at info [at] smartrace [dot] de!


SmartRace is available for iOS, Android and FireOS. Please click on one of the buttons below.



If you find anything thats not working correctly or if you have any ideas how to improve SmartRace, please create a report at

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