Mobile lap counting app for Carrera Digital with AppConnect via Bluetooth

You're searching for an alternative to the Carrera Race App as a lap counter for your Carrera Digital race track? Search no longer! SmartRace connects to your digital Carrera race track (1/32 or 1/24) with bluetooth using AppConnect.

SmartRace for Carrera Digital


SmartRace is not only a simple lap counting software, but does much more. It is being continuously further developed – also driven by ideas coming directly from the community of SmartRacers. Become a part of it now!

Voice Output

Personalized voice output for important events.

Many Statistics

Lots of interesting statistics for races & qualifyings.

Up to 6 Drivers

Track lap times, sector times and much more for all drivers.

Social Sharing

Share your results and records easily with other people.

Different Modes

Do free practice, qualifyings or time/lap based races.

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You’d like to know what SmartRace looks like? There you go!
You can find many more screenshots here.

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SmartRace ist für iOS, Android und macOS verfügbar.

Kennst Du übrigens schon den Autorennbahnplaner? Damit planst Du im Handumdrehen Deine Carrerabahn. Einfach zu bedienen und mit kostenloser Demo-Version. Jetzt für Windows oder Mac herunterladen auf

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of the most asked questions. If you need more help, head over to the manual or simply file an issue at

Does SmartRace work with other bluetooth dongles?

Unfortunately not. SmartRace does only work with the AppConnect dongle from Carrera and not with other dongles such as the CockpitXP Bluebox.

Which Carrera hardware to I need?

To use SmartRace, you'll need the Control Unit (20030352) and the AppConnect dongle from Carrera. SmartRace does not work with the Carrera Black Box.

Something is not working as expected.

Don't worry! Please take a look at the manual or drop me a line at if you think you found an issue. Thanks!

Which company is behind SmartRace?

None. SmartRace is a one man project. If you want to learn more about this, head over to this page.

When will you release the next version?

I will release new version as often as possible. If bugs where fixed, I usually release immediately. Besides that, I'm continuously working on new things which I will release step by step.

Which device do I need?

You'll need a tablet or smart phone with either Android (version 5.1 or later) or iOS (version 11 or later).