SmartRace Connect

Turn your smartphone into a personal driver display! Have all your laps and sector times displayed and have your device vibrate whenever you do a personal best or if you run short on fuel. Want to change your brakes on the fly? Here you go! Now available for iOS and Android!

SmartRace for Carrera Digital

What is SmartRace Connect?

SmartRace Connect is a driver display for your smartphone. Connect via wifi to a tablet which runs SmartRace and follow your lap times and your fuel gauge or change your brakes strength to have your car perfectly set up for you. These are the features:

Fast Connection

Just connect by simply scanning a QR code - that's it. Really.

All your Times

Always follow your personal lap times and sector times.

Without Looking

Device vibration on fastest laps or when running short on fuel.

Change Brakes

Set up your car to match your driving style perfectly.

Connect via Wifi

Enjoy a very stable and fast data transfer by using a wifi connection.


SmartRace Connect is childishly simple! Just scan the QR code from your tablet running SmartRace and you’re connected. Then simply select which controller you’d like to watch and you’re all set.

Most important questions

Most important question first: do I still need SmartRace? Yes, you do. Because SmartRace Connect doesn’t connect directly to your Carrera track, but to another device running SmartRace. Only this device is connected to your track and passes the data on to all devices running SmartRace Connect.

How does this work?

First of all you connect your main device, which runs SmartRace, to your track. Then you start the SmartRace Connect Server by simply pressing a button, which then generates a QR code. You can scan this code from SmartRace Connect which establishes a connection between the devices. If your device doesn’t have a camera or you can’t scan the code for other reasons, you can also enter the server address (IP) manually.

What does SmartRace Connect cost?

SmartRace Connect is free. To have the possibility to start the SmartRace Connect server from SmartRace, you’ll need to purchase the SmartRace Connect add on.

Which requirements does it have?

To make sure your SmartRace Connect device is able to connect to SmartRace, both devices have to be on the same wifi connection and must be able to discover eachother. The device running SmartRace Connect doesn’t have to support bluetooth, because the connection only uses wifi. Please make sure you have a stable and fast wifi connection in place where your Carrera track is.

Which devices and version are supported?

SmartRace Connect is designed for tablets and smartphones, but the usage of a smartphone is highly recommended over a tablet, because you might want to have your device in hand while racing to catch the vibration. The app can be used in portrait and landscape mode. SmartRace Connect is available for Android (version 4.1+) and iOS (10.3+).

How many devices can I connect at the same time?

There is no limitation. You could connect 100 devices at the same time – but please keep in mind that your tablet has to do some hard work if it needs to server to so many clients. Also, you should always make sure to have a stable wifi connection, because otherwise connection drops or delays might be happening.

I need help or have questions.

Just drop a few lines on the support portal on Just register there and let me know what’s going wrong, I’ll try to help as soon as possible. You can suggest new features as well.