Some features of SmartRace are available as additional in-app purchases. You can read more about why I integrated them here. But don’t worry: SmartRace works perfectly fine without those add-ons 🙂

Championships and teams

With the championship add on you can have championships in SmartRace. It enables you to tell how many races a championship should consist of, which point system you’d like to use and which drivers should participate. On the championship overview you’ll find the current standings for all participating...

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Random weather changes

The weather add-on enables random weather changes (only for races) for which you can set up a custom probability when starting a new race. If you have set up a probability higher than 0%, it may eventually start raining during a race. This will be announced with...

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Additional Modes for Championships: Exchange & Party

Good news everyone! This add-on has been merged into the add-on "Championships & Teams" and does no longer need to be purchased separately.

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Damage Simulation

With the damage simulation add-on, you can set up target lap times which may not be exceeded by drivers during races. If a driver exceeds the time (e.g. because of an accident), their car will "suffer" from a random damage (e.g. engine, battery, suspension or...

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SmartRace Connect - You Personal Driver Display

With SmartRace Connect you an connect your smartphone or tablet to SmartRace as your personal driver display. You'll need to download the free app "SmartRace Connect" from the app store. In SmartRace you can start the SmartRace Connect server and all drivers can connect their...

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With the penalties add-on, drivers can be punished with a time penalty or lap subtraction. For this, anytime during a race a penalty dialog can be opened from which the driver and penalty can be selected. You can either assign time penalties (2, 5 or...

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