Version 4.0.0

  • Added: SmartRace Analog Mode. Use SmartRace + SmartRace Connect for non-digital Slot Racing. Learn more at
  • Added: Menus and dialogs now highlight focused elements to make using remote controls a bit easier (feature#14153).
  • Added: Laps are not counted if the fuel tank is empty (normally handled by the Control Unit, feature#13541).
  • Added: Autobianchi and Holden as car makes.
  • Added: Cars can now be filtered by driven laps since last maintenance (feature#13956).
  • Added: Number of ghost cars can now be configured in races to increase the competition (feature#14076).
  • Added: The image of the current track can now be used as background image (feature#13744).
  • Added: Penalties can now be reverted or changed using the penalty dialog (feature#13996).
  • Added: Drivers might now get penalized automatically when stopping the race from SmartRace Connect (feature#13982).
  • Fixed: SmartRace Connect would sometimes announce wrong positions (issue#13558).
  • Fixed: SmartRace Connect would sometimes not get the correct fuel state/percentage (issue#13683 & #13804).
  • Fixed: Fuel tanks would sometimes not get resetted for a new race (issue#13974).
  • Fixed: Changing the display size now again affects the event data, too (issue#13801).
  • Fixed: Position tower and driver displays would sometimes show wrong positions (issue#14124).
  • Fixed: Ending an event after suspending it would trigger the start countdown again (issue#13966).
  • Fixed: Tapping a controller in the tuning dialog would un-select all controller, including the tapped one.
  • Fixed: An issue where the ‘all’ slider could not be used properly in the tuning dialog.
  • Fixed: Missing images in the pairings screen of championships.
  • Fixed: History dialog for entering an event title was not working correctly (issue#13960).

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SmartRace is a software for Mac, tablets and smartphones and is used for timing Carrera Digital tracks in 1:32 and 1:24 scale and via the Analogue mode also for analogue tracks (e.g. Carrera Evolution, Carrera Exclusiv, Carrera Go!!!, Ninco, Scalextric or others). SmartRace either connects to the Carrera AppConnect adapter via Bluetooth or takes the measurement in analogue mode via the camera of a smartphone connected via SmartRace Connect

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