Championships and teams

Championships and teams

With the championship add on you can have championships in SmartRace. It enables you to tell how many races a championship should consist of, which point system you’d like to use and which drivers should participate. On the championship overview you’ll find the current standings for all participating drivers aswell as all results of a certain championship.

The additional mode “Exchange” features the possibility to add a list of cars to a championship. SmartRace will then automatically create a list of races to make sure that each driver has to use each car at least once. Use this to create equal chances amongst all drivers, even if the performance of the used cars differs. The second new mode, “Party“, automatically creates fixtures of two drivers per race out of all added drivers, so that all drivers have to challenge eachother at least once. This mode will bring a lot of fun to birthdays or bachelor partys!

Also, the add on adds the possibility to add teams. Every driver can be assigned to a team. Is a driver who is part of a team participating in a championship, the team points will automatically be added to a separate overview and a winning team will be determined once the championship is over.

The championship add-on includes the following:

  • Championships with configurable point system, number of races and participating drivers.
  • Races can be assigned to a championship after race end.
  • Overview over all championships with standings for drivers and teams and all results.
  • Determination of the winning driver and team after completing all races.
  • Teams and the possibility to add drivers to teams.

The add-on has the following limitations:

  • Teams can’t be assigned to championships, but if a participating driver is part of a team, the team will automatically appear on the teams standings table for a championship. This allows drivers to change the team even during a running championship.
  • The simple assignment of drivers to controllers is only available in “Exchange” mode.
  • The physical linking of cars and controllers has still to be established by hand. The programmatic linking is not provided by Carrera.