Damage Simulation

Damage Simulation

With the damage simulation add-on, you can set up target lap times which may not be exceeded by drivers during races. If a driver exceeds the time (e.g. because of an accident), their car will “suffer” from a random damage (e.g. engine, battery, suspension or gearbox issue). A corresponding icon will show up on the time table for the affected driver and a speech output will tell the driver about the damage and that they need to come to the pits to have it repaired. As long as the damage is not repaired, laps will not be counted for this driver. If the driver enters the pits and stays there for a certain time (which can be configured), the damage will be considered as repaired and the driver may regularly continue the race.

Using another setting, you can set up another target lap time for retirement. If a driver exceeds this time, they will be considered as retired and will not be able to participate in the race anymore. If this happens, a speech output informs the drivers about the retirement and the row for this driver in the time table will be greyed out.

This add-on includes the following:

  • Simulation of different damages and retirements based on target lap times.
  • Enabling and disabling the damage simulation for races.

The add-on has the following limitations:

  • The damage simulation is only available for races.