December 2018

Coming soon: a separate version of SmartRace for Carrera Go!!! Plus

For the small racers, Carrera provides a system called “Carrera Go!!! Plus”, which is basically an analogue track which can be connected to a tablet/smartphone via bluetooth. While the hardware is kind of nice, the software seems to bother many people who express their anger by giving very bad reviews on the stores (even worse than for the go plus’s app big brother for Carrera Digital, called the Carrera Race App. Long story short: I want to bring an alternative app to the market, which will be a separate version of SmartRace for Carrera Go!!! Plus. I already started on this and hope I will be able to release the app within the next 1-2 months.

Very shortly I will bring a website online which provides some more information on the app, it’s features and the progress. Stay tuned!