Version 6.0


  • The race screen can now have columns and subcolumns which contain widgets, which gives a lot more layouting possiblities.
  • SmartRace can now also be used in portrait mode and you can use it in split view mode on iPadOS.
  • You can now select from different race screen time table display styles (see time table widget settings).
  • The car tuning, controller assignment and track details dialogs have been redesigned.
  • The Sector Records widget can now show a live track animation of each car (experimental).
  • Race settings can now be stored as templates (a Champions Club feature, feature#14482).
  • A new statistics module was added (main menu > statistics).


  • You can now hide certain elements of the time table (see time table widget settings).
  • The display size of each race screen widget can now be configured.
  • Car categorys can now have images which can also be shown on the top left of the event data widget.
  • Finish line engine sounds for cars can now be disabled globally.
  • The quicklinks widget now has some more options, including button color.

User Interface

  • New widget to show speed and brake values for selectable controllers (idea#16529).
  • New widget to show the current standings of a selectable championship and provide links to it.
  • The fuel bar will now blink red if the fuel tank is empty to make it more obvious.
  • VSC, ESC, Start and Penalty buttons have been removed from the race screen, you may use the quicklinks widget instead.
  • Information about the current event has now been integrated into a new widget instead of a fixed table.
  • The “Track Performance” section in the car database now also shows the average lap time based on the fastest 50 laps.


  • Changing the tuning settings for a controller without a car assigned will now save the values instead of just forgetting them.
  • Configuring a widget now opens a full screen dialog for better usability.
  • The fuel simulation configuration sliders will now show additional information to make it easier to set everything up correctly.
  • The blue “Searching for Control Unit…” message will now only be shown on the race screen, not in the menu or dialogs.

Data Management

  • Filters and sorting in database views are now persistent (feature#15959).
  • Added 1:64 as car scale as well as some HO manufacturers.


  • Qualifyings can now be laps-based (feature#15761).
  • New tire manufacturers, car brands and car manufacturers.
  • New car sounds (feature#16151).
  • Czech language. Thanks to Dominik Wozniak!
  • More events for the data interface (fuel updates, tire changes, ui changes/resets, etc., feature#16691).
  • The data interface will now generate an event_id for each event and add it to subsequent subevents (feature#16560).
  • You can now print championship certificates after a championship is complete (feature#16475).
  • Cars with empty fuel tank may now drop out of the race immediately (configurable, feature#15869).
  • The fuel gauge can now be hidden in the time table if the respective controller is being monitored via SmartRace Connect (feature#13291).
  • The delay before the speed and brake values are adjusted after a change from wet to dry weather can now be configured (feature#16047).
  • You can now configure whether the car color should overwrite the controller color.


  • Filters in the database are now case-insensitive (issue#16826).
  • Deleting the only item from the time table would result in an empty time table widget (issue#16718).
  • The event timer would sometimes not be stopped in qualifyings and free practices.
  • The data interface would sometimes not deliver data correctly due to CORS restrictions.
  • The new race and new qualifying buttons in the quicklinks widget didn’t work in analog mode.
  • Applying the controller assignments in serial races would reset the assigned car.
  • The position tower would show wrong numbers for races with more than 255 laps (issue#16688).
  • Fixed an issue where tire change would not be completed as expected.


  • The minimum Android version is now 8.0.
  • The minimum iOS version is now 12.0.

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