October 2018

Changes to the damage simulation

Due to feedback of several users, the damage simulation add-on will be slightly changed for the upcoming version of SmartRace. In the future, lap counting will continue as usual for damage cars. This is how it is going to be working now:

  • If a driver exceeds the configurable target lap time, their car will be “damaged” (same behavior as now)
  • Lap will still be counted for damaged cars
  • If a car is not “repaired” within a configurable time, it will be considered as retired

Example: target lap time is 10 seconds, retirement time is 20 seconds. A driver exceeds the target lap time by 1 second, which causes a damage to their car. If they now don’t come to the pits to have this damage repaired within the configured 20 seconds, they will be retired automatically. But if the race ends before those 20 seconds, they are lucky and will still be classified.