Version 6.0


  • The race screen can now have columns and subcolumns which contain widgets, which gives a lot more layouting possiblities.
  • SmartRace can now also be used in portrait mode and you can use it in split view mode on iPadOS.
  • You can now select from different race screen time table display styles (see time table widget settings).
  • The car tuning, controller assignment and track details dialogs have been redesigned.
  • The Sector Records widget can now show a live track animation of each car (experimental).
  • Race settings can now be stored as templates (a Champions Club feature, feature#14482).
  • A new statistics module was added (main menu > statistics).


  • You can now hide certain elements of the time table (see time table widget settings).
  • The display size of each race screen widget can now be configured.
  • Car categorys can now have images which can also be shown on the top left of the event data widget.
  • Finish line engine sounds for cars can now be disabled globally.
  • The quicklinks widget now has some more options, including button color.

User Interface

  • New widget to show speed and brake values for selectable controllers (idea#16529).
  • New widget to show the current standings of a selectable championship and provide links to it.
  • The fuel bar will now blink red if the fuel tank is empty to make it more obvious.
  • VSC, ESC, Start and Penalty buttons have been removed from the race screen, you may use the quicklinks widget instead.
  • Information about the current event has now been integrated into a new widget instead of a fixed table.
  • The “Track Performance” section in the car database now also shows the average lap time based on the fastest 50 laps.


  • Changing the tuning settings for a controller without a car assigned will now save the values instead of just forgetting them.
  • Configuring a widget now opens a full screen dialog for better usability.
  • The fuel simulation configuration sliders will now show additional information to make it easier to set everything up correctly.
  • The blue “Searching for Control Unit…” message will now only be shown on the race screen, not in the menu or dialogs.

Data Management

  • Filters and sorting in database views are now persistent (feature#15959).
  • Added 1:64 as car scale as well as some HO manufacturers.


  • Qualifyings can now be laps-based (feature#15761).
  • New tire manufacturers, car brands and car manufacturers.
  • New car sounds (feature#16151).
  • Czech language. Thanks to Dominik Wozniak!
  • More events for the data interface (fuel updates, tire changes, ui changes/resets, etc., feature#16691).
  • The data interface will now generate an event_id for each event and add it to subsequent subevents (feature#16560).
  • You can now print championship certificates after a championship is complete (feature#16475).
  • Cars with empty fuel tank may now drop out of the race immediately (configurable, feature#15869).
  • The fuel gauge can now be hidden in the time table if the respective controller is being monitored via SmartRace Connect (feature#13291).
  • The delay before the speed and brake values are adjusted after a change from wet to dry weather can now be configured (feature#16047).
  • You can now configure whether the car color should overwrite the controller color.


  • Filters in the database are now case-insensitive (issue#16826).
  • Deleting the only item from the time table would result in an empty time table widget (issue#16718).
  • The event timer would sometimes not be stopped in qualifyings and free practices.
  • The data interface would sometimes not deliver data correctly due to CORS restrictions.
  • The new race and new qualifying buttons in the quicklinks widget didn’t work in analog mode.
  • Applying the controller assignments in serial races would reset the assigned car.
  • The position tower would show wrong numbers for races with more than 255 laps (issue#16688).
  • Fixed an issue where tire change would not be completed as expected.


  • The minimum Android version is now 8.0.
  • The minimum iOS version is now 12.0.

Version 5.7.0

  • Added: A data interface to send data on certain events to a configurable URI (a Champions Club feature, feature#16359). Learn how to use it.
  • Added: A new widget to show the fastest sector times with a graphic representation of the active track (a Champions Club feature). Read more about how to add your own track plan to the widget.
  • Added: If you’re using SmartRace in analog mode only, you can now hide some unneccessary things by default (configurable, settings > misc, feature#16230).
  • Added: New manufacturers and a lot of car brands.
  • Added: Fly-By sound for KTM X-Bow and Mario & Yoshi.
  • Added: A new setting to configure whether or not the time should be stopped when a time race is suspended (feature#16237).
  • Added: The debug log can now be viewed in the Help & Support section.
  • Added: New buttons for the quicklinks widget: VSC, cars database, drivers database.
  • Added: New settings area in the SmartRace Connect Server dialog.
  • Added: A new setting to configure what should happen if a driver presses the stop button in SmartRace Connect (nothing/suspend/vsc, feature#15901).
  • Added: Backup files can now be renamed.
  • Fixed: Setting speed/brakes to 0% when tuning a car would reset the slider to 54% the next time the tuning dialog was opened.
  • Fixed: An issue where it was possible to continue driving lap times after qualifying had ended (issue#15905).
  • Fixed: The track selector on the race screen would not show all tracks if too many were available.
  • Fixed: Re-applying the car settings right after connecting could cause the CU to not count any laps (issue#15928).
  • Fixed: Tire change trigger setting on weather tab would sometimes not show the selected value correctly (issue#15974 and issue#16080).
  • Fixed: An issue where the intervals widget would not be correctly updated in time races.
  • Fixed: Drivers and tracks could not be copied by using the copy button.
  • Fixed: Points for fastest laps in championships would be distributed incorrectly if multiple drivers did the same fastest lap time.
  • Maintenance: Backups table has been dropped, backup files are now read directly from the file system.
  • Maintenance: Removed Polish and Portuguese languages since these are no longer maintained by translators.
  • Maintenance: Updated translations, thanks to all translators!
  • Maintenance: SmartRace now requires at least Android 6.0.

Version 5.6.0

  • Added: Lap time based fuel simulation (feature#14104).
  • Added: Pit stops and re-fueling in analog mode (requires SmartRace Connect 3.2; feature#14733).
  • Added: Cars can now have a color which will overwrite the controller color (e.g. on the timing table).
  • Added: Cars may now be tuned directly in the car database without a CU connection (feature#15550).
  • Added: Damages may now be removed manually by tapping on the damage icon when the race is suspended (feature#15232).
  • Fixed: An issue where the swipe-delete on the time table did not work anymore (issue#15588).
  • Fixed: Exporting track records and other things on macOS didn’t work (issue#15529).
  • Fixed: The remaining time widget would sometimes show -1 for time based events.
  • Fixed: Events would sometimes not end correctly.

Version 5.5.0

  • Added: You can now create profiles for the race screen to save different sets of widgets (feature#14669).
  • Added: A new widget featuring a minimalistic view of positions and intervals for all drivers.
  • Added: The penalty dialog can now auto-open when the race is suspended (configurable, feature#15004).
  • Added: The buttons for the quick links widget can now be configured and the widget can be used more than once.
  • Added: The configured fly-by sound for cars is now shown in the car detail view and can be shown as an overview field.
  • Added: You can now add races/qualifyings from the history to a championship retrospectively (feature#15355).
  • Added: The track selector on the race screen now only shows the (configurable) short name of the selected track to save some space.
  • Added: Mazda and Dome as car make.
  • Fixed: Drivers would sometimes still get disqualified for not serving a penalty, even if configured otherwise.
  • Fixed: An issue where backups would contain illegal characters and could thus not be restored. You can repair affected backups here.

Version 5.4.0

  • Added: Within the results upload in the history (exclusive Champions Club feature) you can now print fancy certificates (example here).
  • Added: It can now be configured whether drivers who have not served a time penalty by the end of the race should be disqualified or not.
  • Added: A new widget with best laptimes for today, this week, this month, this year and alltime (for members of the Champions Club only).
  • Added: Real fly-by sounds for cars (feature#15211).
  • Added: More options for sorting and filtering in the car database; you may also display more fields now (feature#14363).
  • Added: The car database detail view has been reworked to be more modern and more useful.
  • Added: New car makes Tyrell, Hyundai, Lexus, Oreca, Dome, Acura, Dallara, Radical, Rebellion, Zytek.
  • Fixed: Race series can now deal with a greater variety of drivers.
  • Fixed: Active track was not shown in analog mode (issue#14973).
  • Fixed: NaN for sector gaps in track records (issue#15017).
  • Fixed: It’s now possible again to unselect the active track using the track selector on the race screen.
  • Fixed: Multiselection count would not be reset correctly if all items got unselected (issue#14975).
  • Fixed: The “teams” tab in the championship detail view would not work if at least one team was participating and no results where yet saved (issue#15062).
  • Fixed: Damage and weather settings were not correctly applied when repeating a race (issue#15199).
  • Fixed: SmartRace Connect wouldn’t allow adjusting the brakes when returning to free practice after a race with changing weather (issue#15009).
  • Fixed: Car tags are now sorted by name in the filter section in the car database.
  • Fixed: An issue where the confetti effect would not always work on Android. Sorry! 😀
  • Fixed: An issue where backing up large sets of data (especially from history_event_lap) wouldn’t work on some devices.
  • Fixed: An issue where restoring backups with huge amounts of database data wouldn’t work on some devices.
  • Fixed: Driver will now no longer receive warnings again after they first received a penalty after 1-3 warnings.

Version 5.2.0

  • Added: A new race screen widget for record hunt. Happy hunting!
  • Added: A new race screen widget to see the current controller assignments and quickly access the assignments dialog (feature#14779).
  • Added: A new race screen widget to show the remaining time/laps in races/qualifyings (feature#14006).
  • Added: The time table can now be displayed with enlarged elements so that it is easier to read, e.g. when mirroring it on larger screens (Settings > Race screen).
  • Added: The colours of the time table can now be optionally switched (dark fonts on a light background; Settings > Race screen).
  • Added: SmartRace Connect Server can now be started automatically on app start (settings > misc, feature#14800).
  • Added: Drivers can now receive a lap deduction penalty if they suspend the race via SmartRace Connect (feature#14706).
  • Added: The support request mechanism has been overhauled to be more user friendly.
  • Added: The main menu has been redesigned for better usability.
  • Added: The user interface for widgets has been changed to be more consistent.
  • Added: Gaps in the track records view are now additionally calculated based on filters (feature#14781).
  • Fixed: An issue where some fields for cars would reset when editing the car.
  • Fixed: Pit radio messages would be played multiple times after server restarts (issue#14783).
  • Fixed: An issue where longer names would be cut off in tags selections (issue#14849).
  • Fixed: An issue where the lap counter widget would not update in analog mode (issue#14874).
  • Fixed: An issue where a tire change would be announced although weather was disabled.
  • Fixed: Weather settings were ignored if a race was repeated (issue#14889).

Version 5.1.0

  • Added: A new version of the exchange mode for championships. The mode is now more flexible and allows for creating different combinations, e.g. having more drivers than cars or vice versa (feature#13007).
  • Added: Serial races as a championship mode where every driver has to race every controller a given amount of times (with special regards to Ray S. ;-))
  • Added: The start countdown voice over can now have a configurable offset to be exactly on time with the LEDs on the Control Unit.
  • Added: Championships can now automatically detect which races have been absolved (configurable, feature#14674).
  • Added: Chinese translations, thanks to all translators!
  • Fixed: Assignments are now included in backups (issue#14704).
  • Fixed: Several issues with displaying and moving widgets.
  • Fixed: The blue connection message will now remain hidden for two minutes instead of one.
  • Fixed: An issue where the screen would show with a dark overlay, making it impossible to use the app.
  • Fixed: Backups created on macOS Big Sur would contain broken images. Backups have to be re-created to contain valid images. Sorry for this!
  • Fixed: Laps could no longer be edited manually.

Version 5.0.0

  • Added: Widgets which can now be placed on the race screen to show more (selectable) information.
  • Added: SmartRace Connect will now try to start the server with the same port as last time.
  • Added: Ginetta as car make.
  • Added: Races and qualifyings can now be saved to the history automatically (configurable).
  • Added: Races and qualifyings can now be added to multiple championships (feature#14378).
  • Added: Backups can now be restored directly from the list of existing backups in the backups dialog.
  • Added: Drivers can now receive a configurable time penalty when undercutting the minimum lap time instead of having the lap deleted. This
    addition was funded by user @Homeland_Raceway. Thanks! (feature#14456).
  • Added: Lap times will now be calculated considering suspensions during the lap (feature#13970).
  • Fixed: An issue where ghost cars/safety cars would trigger the check lane missed laps detection.

Version 4.0.0

  • Added: SmartRace Analog Mode. Use SmartRace + SmartRace Connect for non-digital Slot Racing. Learn more at
  • Added: Menus and dialogs now highlight focused elements to make using remote controls a bit easier (feature#14153).
  • Added: Laps are not counted if the fuel tank is empty (normally handled by the Control Unit, feature#13541).
  • Added: Autobianchi and Holden as car makes.
  • Added: Cars can now be filtered by driven laps since last maintenance (feature#13956).
  • Added: Number of ghost cars can now be configured in races to increase the competition (feature#14076).
  • Added: The image of the current track can now be used as background image (feature#13744).
  • Added: Penalties can now be reverted or changed using the penalty dialog (feature#13996).
  • Added: Drivers might now get penalized automatically when stopping the race from SmartRace Connect (feature#13982).
  • Fixed: SmartRace Connect would sometimes announce wrong positions (issue#13558).
  • Fixed: SmartRace Connect would sometimes not get the correct fuel state/percentage (issue#13683 & #13804).
  • Fixed: Fuel tanks would sometimes not get resetted for a new race (issue#13974).
  • Fixed: Changing the display size now again affects the event data, too (issue#13801).
  • Fixed: Position tower and driver displays would sometimes show wrong positions (issue#14124).
  • Fixed: Ending an event after suspending it would trigger the start countdown again (issue#13966).
  • Fixed: Tapping a controller in the tuning dialog would un-select all controller, including the tapped one.
  • Fixed: An issue where the ‘all’ slider could not be used properly in the tuning dialog.
  • Fixed: Missing images in the pairings screen of championships.
  • Fixed: History dialog for entering an event title was not working correctly (issue#13960).

Version 3.15.0

  • Added: Decoder type as filterable car attribute (feature#13578).
  • Added: Magnets as filterable car attribute (feature#13602).
  • Added: Fuel levels might now get carried over from previous events (configurable).
  • Added: Winner car number will now blink on the position tower on race/qualifying end.
  • Added: Cars and drivers can now be set to inactive to hide them in overviews and assignment screen (feature#13727).
  • Fixed: If the second check lane was skipped the first time, it would never show up at all (issue#13535).
  • Fixed: Laps added manually or via check lane analysis now trigger an update of the position tower (issue#13535).
  • Fixed: Position tower would automatically reset on race/qualifying end (issue#13690).
  • Fixed: Position tower would show wrong positions in qualifying/free practice (issue#13686).
  • Fixed: The position tower now adjusts the remaining time downwards for time based events (issue#13686).
  • Fixed: An issue where the repeat button after qualifyings would not work correctly.
  • Fixed: An issue where unset database values would lead to broken filters in the car database.
  • Fixed: App would sometimes not respond for some seconds after launch (iOS).
  • Fixed: Bluetooth will now stay connected when the app is sent to background (iOS).
  • Maintenance: Dropped support for iOS lower than 11.
  • Maintenance: Dropped support for Android lower than 5.
  • Maintenance: Due to changes in iOS, the settings you made in SmartRace had to be dropped unfortunately. This means that you have to revisit the settings section in SmartRace and set up your preferences there. Database entries (cars, drivers, tracks) are NOT affected by this and should still be there. Alternatively you can restore all data from a SmartRace backup file.

Version 3.14.0

  • Added: Race Control Display for SmartRace Connect, see here
  • Added: A detection for missed laps by split sector analysis. Read more about it here
  • Added: New Carrera Club exclusive controller color presets.
  • Added: Entries in the car database can now be copied to ease adding new cars with different liveries (#13382).
  • Added: Championships can now be copied to ease the creation process.
  • Added: After a race has been added to a championship, there is now a button which allows for jumping directly to the pairings screen.
  • Added: After a race has been added to a championship, the result screen will automatically show up if it was the last race.
  • Added: A beautiful confetti effect on race and championship end (configurable, of course :-D).
  • Added: A lot of car makes (#13292).
  • Fixed: The timetable entry delete button would not come up correctly on some devices (#13386).
  • Fixed: Results and other things could not be exported on iOS 13.4 (#13363).
  • Fixed: The filters would not be applied correctly after returning to the overview from editing a car (#13376).
  • Fixed: Added a little delay between the announcement and the actual change of speed values on weather change (wet to dry), so drivers can prepare (#13464).
  • Fixed: Speed and brake values on weather changes are now transferred twice (with a little delay) to make sure every car gets the new values (#13261).
  • Fixed: An issue where the tire change wouldn’t work for the second of two cars entering the pits shortly one after another.
  • Fixed: Lap races would sometimes end too early for non-winning drivers (thanks to Malte S. for discovering this).

Version 3.12.2

  • Added: Advanced filtering for the assignment screen (feature#00982).
  • Added: Portuguese (Brazil) translation.
  • Added: Sideways by Racer as manufacturer, NSU and Nio as make.
  • Added: Result lists (in both the history and championships) now show the race winner/pole setter (feature#00994).
  • Fixed: Re-added tabs for personal records for both drivers and cars.
  • Fixed: Qualifyings would count up the number of races for championships.
  • Fixed: Fastest laps would not be counted correctly in championships.
  • Fixed: Renamed category tags would sometimes be displayed with their old name on the car edit screen.
  • Fixed: The trash icon to delete all records of a track at once didn’t work (issue#00996).
  • Fixed: The checkered flag on the track records view would sometimes cover the filter buttons (issue#00997).
  • Fixed: Going back from viewing result details of a championship would open the history instead of the championship (issue#00993).
  • Fixed: Total time for races would sometimes show 00:00:00 in time races (issue#01006).

Version 3.12.0

  • Added: The forced stop on weather changes is now configurable (feature#00949).
  • Added: Advanced filtering for both car database and track records.
  • Added: Cars can now be categorized by creating tags (category tag management in the car database dialog).
  • Added: Imperial units (mph) for average speed (configurable, feature#00945).
  • Added: Disney Cars logo (feature#00943).
  • Added: The possibility to render select fields differently in case of any issues (issue#00935).
  • Added: The possibility to delete single cars from the time table by swiping to the left (feature#00800).
  • Added: Voice over for when a driver finished repairs (feature#00923).
  • Added: Starting numbers for drivers (currently displayed in the track records view only).
  • Added: The upload feature for history events left the beta status and is now available for members of the SmartRace Champions Club.
  • Added: Drivers/teams can now earn extra points for fastest laps in championships (feature#00759).
  • Added: Drivers/teams can now earn extra points for pole positions in championships (feature#00758).
  • Added: You might now directly start a race out of the pairings view of championships (feature#00971).
  • Added: The little chequered flag in the time table will now stay visible in case of a race suspension (feature#00964).
  • Added: There will now be multiple position charts in the history module if the race had more than 30 laps (feature#00973).
  • Fixed: Some ambient sounds had been compressesd too much and have now been replaced by higher quality sound files (issue#00959).
  • Fixed: Damages would be inflicted on cars which had already finished the race.
  • Fixed: Retired or disqualified drivers would still earn championship points.
  • Fixed: The keyboard would cover input fields (issue#00926).
  • Fixed: Some alert messages could pop up multiple times (issue#00941).
  • Fixed: SmartRace images would also be stored in the photo library.
  • Fixed: Car names would get cut off when the display size was increased (issue#00976).

Version 3.10.1

  • Added: SmartRace can now be installed on/moved to an SD card (Android only, feature#00892).
  • Added: The tuning dialog now loads the speed/brakes/fuel data from the assigned cars by default.
  • Fixed: When the VSC ends, the speed/brakes settings are now being applied without stopping all cars (issue#00898).
  • Fixed: an issue where quick menu buttons could be clicked although the quick menu was not open.
  • Fixed: The quick menu was sometimes cut off on smaller screens (issue#00908).
  • Fixed: The home bar on modern iOS devices now gets hidden after some time (issue#00895).
  • Fixed: The grid light was displayed incorrectly during The starting phase on some smaller devices (issue#00907).
  • Fixed: The splash screen was displayed incorrectly on some iOS devices.
  • Fixed: an issue where the speed/brakes/fuel values in the tuning dialog were not saved correctly if they had a 0% value (issue#00902).
  • Fixed: Car maintenance interval counter was removed unintendedly (issue#00900).
  • Fixed: The tire change is now considered as completed only after the speed/brake values have been applied to the car.
  • Fixed: the dialog for entering an event title when saving it to the history would sometimes just be ignored.
  • Fixed: the dialog for entering a name when publishing events online would sometimes just be ignored.
  • Fixed: an issue where the STOP command would be send multiple times through SmartRace Connect, causing the event to restart.
  • Fixed: an issue where the times would be displayed incorrectly in the ticker in the history.

Version 3.10.0

  • Added: a virtual safety car feature as in-app purchase (feature#00865).
  • Added: Click on the position number on the left of the race screen to open the tuning dialog for this car (feature#00872).
  • Added: Settings from the main menu can now be saved without reloading the app (except for some settings).
  • Added: The penalty and fullscreen hand button can now be hidden using the app settings.
  • Fixed: an issue where quick menu items would be hidden on smaller devices (issue#00873).
  • Fixed: an issue where the laps would still be counted for damaged cars.
  • Improved the assignment screen for better usability; added scale for cars in order to be able to filter for it.
  • Improved the car/driver/track database for better overview. Delete and edit buttons have been moved to the detail view.
  • Improved the overall app performance regarding animations and reactivity of dialogs.
  • Improved the main menu for better overview.

Version 3.9.0

  • Added: a ticker view for races in the history module (feature#00796).
  • Added: the possibility to upload race or qualifying results to from the history module (beta).
  • Added: better and more statistics for races in the history module.
  • Added: a whole new layout for the driven laps in the history module, including better comparability and markers for very fast and very slow laps.
  • Fixed: Clicking on the driver name to change the assignment was sometimes not possible (issue#00857).
  • Fixed: Using the buttons from the race result screen was not possible if the fullscreen stop button (hand icon) was active.
  • Fixed: Damages are no longer repaired while penalties are being served (issue#00859).
  • Fixed: an issue where a lap would be considered invalid for exceeding the max lap time after the event had been suspended.

Version 3.8.5

  • Added: a nicer layout for the race result screen.
  • Added: a “repeat” button on the race result screen to race again with the same settings (feature#00844).
  • Added: driven laps can now be corrected manually during a race (which is suspended) by tapping on the displayed laps for a driver (feature#00785).
  • Added: changes to the SmartRace Connect server to prepare for the upcoming changes in the SmartRace Connect app.
  • Added: Pontiac logo.
  • Fixed: pit horn didn’t work correctly.
  • Fixed: damage icon was not showing up correctly (issue#00846).
  • Fixed: when starting a race or qualifying, the main menu would not close automatically after confirming the event settings.

Version 3.8.4

  • Added: pit entry warning sound from Nürburgring. Will be played at the same time as the air wrench though.
  • Added: assignments can now be changed by clicking directly on a driver on the time table.
  • Added: re-added hand button to enable full screen start/stop button (feature#00791).
  • Added: BMW M1 ambient sound.
  • Fixed: sector times wouldn’t be shown in races even if configured to do so (issue#00770).
  • Fixed: INT gap was sometimes displayed as NaN (issue#00795).
  • Fixed: “X has taken the lead” voice over would sometimes be played right after start (issue#00804).
  • Fixed: elements are no longer overlapped by the notch on iPhone X/XS/XR.
  • Fixed: controller color configurations were not backed up correctly (issue#00770).
  • Fixed: volume of ambient sounds was too low (issue#00815).

Version 3.8.3

  • Added: some more manufacturers, tire types and logos as of the proposals from the guys from 🙂
  • Added: an option to configure whether voice overs should queue up or interrupt each other (#00767).
  • Fixed: wrong colors for average lap speeds on personal/overall best lap times.
  • Fixed: preview for sector voice overs was missing (#00767).
  • Fixed: sorting was mixed up for drivers and cars on the assigment screen.

Version 3.8.1

  • Fixed: an issue where INT gaps would not be displayed correctly if the gap was more than 1 lap.
  • Fixed: an issue where driver and car records could not be deleted anymore.
  • Fixed: an issue where track records would not contain sector times.
  • Fixed: an issue where the race time would be reset if the race was suspended after the time ran out (issue#00748).
  • Fixed: an issue where tires were not changed on some occasions (issue#00762).

Version 3.8.0

  • Added: Drivers may now automatically receive a penalty for speeding in the pit lane (requires the penalties add-on, feature#00734).
  • Added: On the car settings dialog, just tap on a controller to only have this controller active for saving changes.
  • Added: Load the last known car settings for the assigned cars in the car settings dialog (feature#00729).
  • Added: The display time of the little “line crossed” indicator is no configurable (or defeatable, feature#00749).
  • Added: The speed of voice outputs can now be customized via settings (feature#00743).
  • Added: Additional championship modes exchange and party are now part of the championship add-on and no longer a separate add-on.
  • Added: The general layout of the track records view has been improved; the list may now also be filtered for car scales.
  • Added: INT gaps are now also shown for each driver (feature#00756).
  • Fixed: Voice outputs will now queue up instead of interrupting each other (issue#00743).
  • Fixed: an issue where tire change could happen too early due to rounding differences (issue#00723).
  • Fixed: Screen rotation does now work on Android, too.
  • Maintenance: Improved the layout of entries in the timing table and section times.
  • Maintenance: Improved the general layout of the dialogs for adding/editing drivers, cars, etc.
  • Maintenance: The layout of the main menu has been improved.
  • Maintenance: The general performance has been further improved.

Version 3.7.0

  • Added: the SmartRace Connect server now provides a button to copy the server ip to the clipboard.
  • Added: it’s now possible to have all drivers complete their current lap for qualifyings and timed races, too (feature#00694).
  • Added: driven laps for drivers/teams are now considered for championship standings if two drivers/teams have the same amount of points (feature#00691).
  • Added: you may now configure which controllers you would like to use for championships in exchange mode (feature#00690).
  • Added: download championship standings for drivers and teams as CSV (feature#00692).
  • Added: the additional background sounds DTM & Le Mans and voice output for sector times are now free for all users (formerly available as IAP).
  • Fixed: the damage simulation add-on has been changed. Read more (feature#00711).
  • Fixed: an issue where the penalty dialog would immediately disappear when the penalty button was pressed for too long.
  • Fixed: The penalty dialog does no longer ask for another confirmation.

Version 3.6.0

  • Added as IAP: Penalty system. Read more.
  • Fixed: if a string has not been translated to the selected audio language, it will be read in english with the proper english pronunciation.
  • Fixed: Wet tires are now shown in blue instead of green color to match with real life.
  • Maintenance: Improved general layout of the time table for better readability and easier recognition of the relevant data.
  • Maintenance: The light skin has been removed because it is barely used by anyone and causes too much maintenance effort.

Version 3.5.0

  • Added as IAP: SmartRace Connect, your personal driver display – read more (feature#00093).
  • Added: quickly switch the active track by tapping the active track badge on the bottom left of the racing screen (feature#00702).
  • Fixed: an issue where it was no longer possible to view certain championship items (issue#00705).

Version 3.4.0

  • Added: Individual sounds for cars which will be played when a car crosses the line (configurable).
  • Added as IAP: Simulated damages. Read more on (feature#00650).
  • Fixed: Taking photos for drivers/cars etc. on Android would sometimes cause an error (issue#00677).
  • Fixed: Reduced volume of ambient sounds to be less disturbing (issue#00676).
  • Fixed: Car settings sliders were reset to default if “Apply current tab” was used.
  • Fixed: It’s no longer possible to add more than 6 drivers/cars to championships of type “exchange”.
  • Fixed: Purging unneeded entries from the records table would take incredibly long sometimes (issue#00678).
  • Fixed: multiple issues with the list and grid views, especially when using filtering (issue#00679).

Version 3.3.0

  • Added: the possibility to create and restore full backups (across platforms).

Version 3.2.0

  • Added: the possibility to unlink events from championships.
  • Added as IAP: New championship modes “Car Exchange” and “Party”. Read more about this.
  • Fixed: Missing icons in race history for pit stops and current leader.
  • Fixed: The speech output for completion of a tire change was never played.
  • Updated translations, thanks to Heimen Stoffels (nl), Davide Guerrasio (it) and Robin Santos (es).

Version 3.1.0

  • Added: displaying of the average lap speed is now more configurable.
  • Added: switch between list style and a nice grid style view in overviews for cars, drivers, tracks, teams and championships.
  • Added: weather probability is now also being remembered.
  • Fixed: the average lap speed would sometimes jump from one row to another.
  • Fixed: black and white backgrounds didn’t work properly.
  • Fixed: sometimes a wrong maintenance warning was shown.
  • Fixed: an issue where the lap counting would no longer work after a weather change (issue#00656).
  • Updated translations, thanks to all translators!
  • Improved the handling and layout of all forms and dialogs.

Version 3.0.0

    • Added: Support for connections via USB OTG cables (Android only, feature#00297).
    • Added: Resettable maintenance interval for cars. After the interval has been reached, a notification is shown in the car database (feature#00615).
    • Added: Average lap speed is now displayed for the best and last lap on the race screen (configurable, feature#00496).
    • Added: More speech notifications for 10, 5, 2 laps/minutes left (feature#00575).
    • Added: Current leader is now announced more often (feature#00583).
    • Added: Support for iPhone X.
    • Added: VLN background sound, thanks to Fabian B (feature#00554).
    • Added: the possibility to disable the weather completely (set probability to “off”, feature#00546).
    • Added: Weather settings are now remembered (feature#00513).
    • Added: a setting for weather to configure whether tires should be changed directly after the given seconds or if should be waited for refueling to 100% (feature#00520).
    • Added: separate voice overs for end of refueling and end of tire change (feature#00520).
    • Added: the possibility to control the transparency of the background image.
    • Added: the possibility to set a name only for voice output for drivers (feature#00486).
    • Added: a virtual best time which is calculated based on each personal best sector time (feature#00517).
    • Added: sector times are now hidden by default in the track records list and can be shown by tapping a row (feature#00608).
    • Added: when creating/adding a championship, already added drivers should not be selectable anymore (feature#00609).
    • Added: rain races now feature changing brake settings, too (feature#00487).
    • Added: the current weather-based speed/brake settings can now be re-applied anytime during a race using a special button (feature#00497).
    • Added: a special button on the main menu to re-apply all car settings from the car database (feature#00495).
    • Added: the weather settings now consider the settings for each car from the car database (feature#00495).
    • Added: Logo for mini (feature#00629).
    • Added: you can now set a maximum lap time for tracks, too (feature#00620).
    • Fixed: CSV export of results from history would show the wrong car name (issue#00637).
    • Fixed: speech output for weather changes should always have highest priority (issue#00630).
    • Fixed: with firmware 5337, automatic speed setting changes would sometimes not be applied correctly (issue#00550).
    • Fixed: The half time of a race should not be shouted out if it’s a race of only one lap (issue#00613).
    • Fixed: In-app purchases were not possible on Amazon Fire devices (issue#00625).
    • Fixed: wrong sorting of drivers when adding/editing a championship (issue#00589).
    • Fixed: support data could not be sent correctly on Android (issue#00507).
    • Fixed: wrong sorting for cars and tracks on personal records tab (issue#00586).
    • Fixed: an issue where the overall performance would decrease after several races; could also cause connection drops (not on iOS, issue#00521).
    • Fixed: voice output of weather changes did not consider the voice language from the settings (issue#00555).
    • Fixed: an issue where the tires would also get changed in qualifyings.
    • Improved bluetooth stability and performance (does not affect the disconnects on iOS 11, see for this).
    • Improved user interface for better usability and better screen space usage.

Version 2.10.0

  • Added: the car settings dialog now shows the image of the currently assigned driver for each controller.
  • Added: it is now possible to apply car settings only to certain cars using checkboxes next to each controller number.
  • Added: the possibility to export event data as CSV (depends on installed third-party apps on your device, feature#00433).
  • Added: a dummy sound (called “empty”) as background sound to avoid voice output truncations when using screen mirroring.
  • Added: the duration of pitstops is now getting tracked and displayed and saved to the history.
  • Added as IAP: Configurable random weather changes (see
  • Added as IAP: Championships and teams (see
  • Fixed: History tab gets frozen sometimes (bug#00393).
  • Fixed: Car settings could not be re-applied in car details dialog (issue#00467).
  • Improved usability of dialogs.

Version 2.9.0

  • Re-implemented the assignment dialog to fix several usability issues.
  • Added: the car settings dialog now shows the last known settings made from within SmartRace.
  • Added: pace car/esc button (similar to start button, configurable).
  • Added: Filters for driver, car and track dialogs and additional add buttons (feature#00451).
  • Added: statistical data for cars (similar as for drivers, feature#00435).
  • Added: the possibility to add a comment to each car (e.g. to store which modifications were made etc, feature#00438).
  • Added: MAN and Venturi logo for cars (feature#00428 & feature#00453).
  • Added: the possibility to configure whether or not sector times should be displayed in races.
  • Added: the possibility to make In-App-Purchases for some features. Please see
  • Added as IAP: Speech announcements for personal/overall best sector times (configurable, feature#00437).
  • Added as IAP: DTM ambient sound (feature#00418).
  • Added as IAP: Le Mans 2017 ambient sound.
  • Fixed: an issue where driven laps and pitstops where not calculated correctly for the drivers statistics.
  • Fixed: ESC doesn’t release a suspended/paused event (issue#00447).
  • Fixed: an issue where sector times where not displayed correctly as personal/overall best on the time table.
  • Fixed: an issue with wrong difference time calculation on track records screen for sector times (issue#00430).
  • Fixed: Race winner was not correctly announced in time-based races (issue#00415).
  • Fixed: an issue where SmartRace would reset the race screen after reconnecting to the CU (e.g. after short circuit, issue#00404).
  • Fixed: gaps were not displayed correctly in some cases (issue#00415).
  • Fixed: an issue where the device could go to sleep (power save mode) after taking a photo from within the app (issue#00421).

Version 2.8.1

  • Added: start/stop/resume an event by hitting the space bar of any connected keyboard (feature#00408).
  • Added: another option for race finish which requires all other drivers to finish their current lap after the leader finished the race (feature#00406).
  • Fixed: when sector times were displayed, the race would never end if all drivers needed to finish.
  • Improved the general responsiveness of the app, it now reacts faster to actions.

Version 2.8.0

  • Added: Support for the new Carrera check lane for sector times (feature#00205).
  • Added: Possibility to quit SmartRace using the back button or the “quit” menu item (Android only, feature#00338).

Version 2.7.1

  • Added: Dutch speech output.
  • Added: the possibility to hide the operating systems statusbar (configurable).
  • Added: the possibility to add names for events which are about to be saved to the history.
  • Added: Improved the quality of custom background images.
  • Fixed: Some things were unreadable when using the light theme (issue#00394)
  • Fixed: Car and driver images were displayed incorrectly/partially on race screen (issue#00395).
  • Fixed: Some voice outputs were broken in other languages than english or german (issue#00401).
  • Fixed: an issue where empty select boxes would be added to the settings dialog.
  • Fixed: Sharing results or other things would produce black images/pdfs only (issue#00399).
  • Fixed: The history details dialog would freeze sometimes (issue#00393).
  • Fixed: Speech output “race finish” for option “race end after all drivers completed all laps” did not work correctly (issue#00384).
  • Fixed: an issue where the time table sorting would sometimes not work correctly when two drivers did exactly the same time on time-based events.

Version 2.7.0

  • Added: The assignment list now shows the image of a driver/car when single-tapping an entry.
  • Added: Pre-listen to driver names when editing drivers (feature#00365).
  • Added: Voice announcement when a new driver takes the lead (feature#00218).
  • Added: Customize the volume of the race ambient sound in the configuration (feature###364).
  • Added: Some voice announcements now have several versions which are selected randomly (feature#00288).
  • Added: Voice announcement when half of the race/qualifying is over (feature#00289).
  • Added: Renault logo for cars (feature#00373).
  • Added: Light theme, selectable from settings > common.
  • Added: Most sounds now allow selection of “both”, e.g. playing both the applause sound and speaking out the race winner (feature#00384).
  • Added: speech outputs for second and third place (only in races where all drivers have to finish, feature#00384).
  • Fixed: debug information is now getting attached to the email instead of putting it into the content.
  • Fixed: Long driver/car names cause issues in assignment screen (multi line items, issue#00375).
  • Fixed: When sharing results or other things, the image would sometimes not be attached correctly.
  • Fixed: Driven laps and pitstops would be sometimes way too high on the drivers personal statistics tab (issue#00378).
  • Fixed: Font size adjustments wouldn’t be applied correctly when starting a new race or reset a free practice (issue#00363).
  • Fixed: An issue where the total time wouldn’t be calculated correctly in the time table on event end (issue#00376).
  • Fixed: An issue where gaps would not be calculated correctly on races (issue#00381).
  • Fixed: race winner sound would not be played when all drivers have to finish the race (issue#00390).

Version 2.6.2

  • Added: a warning if debug mode is enabled to make sure it is being disabled as soon as it no longer needed.
  • Fixed: History would show a spinning wheel and no data if a involved track had been deleted in the meantime (issue#349).
  • Updated translations, thanks to Heimen Stoffels (nl), Davide Guerrasio (it), Robin Santos (es) and Fred Bongiraud (fr).

Version 2.6.1

  • Added: Maintenance functions to keep the database at a reasonable size.
  • Fixed: Fix some places where default image URIs where not resolved correctly.
  • Fixed: An issue where the time table would not be sorted correctly for time-based races and the history won’t work (issue#00361).

Version 2.6.0

  • Added: Option to hide the start button (configurable, feature#00360).
  • Added: Records are now filterable by track and car for drivers (not in car/track view, feature#00267 & feature#00325).
  • Added: It is now possible to have all drivers complete all laps until a race ends (feature#00200).
  • Added: Lap time history graph now displays more laps and does no longer use line tension (feature#00282).
  • Added: Display total race time for each driver after race end (feature#00351).
  • Added: Change the size of the ui elements to make better use of free space (feature#00280).
  • Added: Voice saying “caution” when an event is suspended or there has been a jump start (feature#00340).
  • Added: Show some statistical data for drivers on a new tab “Statistics” (feature#00331).
  • Added: Allow for fixed sorting (by controller number) on the time table (feature#00264).
  • Added: Use the safety car as ghost car (disable “ignore safety car” in settings, feature#00323).
  • Added: The usability of the assignment screen has been improved (feature#00278, #00319, #00328, #00329).
  • Added: Set the active track directly when starting a race or qualifying, display the active track on race screen (configurable, feature#00314).
  • Added: Possibility to collect debug information from the database and send all debug info directly to SmartRace as email (if mail client is available on the device).
  • Fixed: An issue where the incorrect background ambient sound would be played (issue#00346).

Version 2.5.4

  • Added: Possibility to reset the timing table in free practice (feature#00316).
  • Added: Possibility to set a custom background image.
  • Added: Additional selectable background styles.
  • Added: Prelisten to sounds/speech right from the settings before selecting them (feature#00275).
  • Added: Dodge logo (feature#00296).
  • Fixed: Using the camera or photo library would sometimes lead to crashes (iOS, issue#00300).
  • Fixed: Speech in relation to race sound too loud (issue#00291).
  • Fixed: Race or qualifying duration would sometimes be displayed incorrectly in the history (issue#00263).
  • Fixed: Images are now displayed as square instead of circle to show more of them (issue#00281).

Version 2.5.3

  • Fixed: Sounds for last lap/last minute of a running event where not played anymore.

Version 2.5.2

  • Fixed: Images could not be added to cars/tracks/drivers (FireOS, issue#00270).

Version 2.5.1

  • Added: Peugeot logo. (feature#00251)
  • Added: Average lap time for each driver in history module. (feature#00251)
  • Fixed: Track records would get lost when a second track was added. (bug#00251)
  • Fixed: Track records could not be displayed if an involved car or driver had been deleted. (bug#00251)
  • Fixed: Track records were not correctly deleted if the involved car/driver was deleted. (bug#00251)

Version 2.5.0

  • Added: Extensive history feature which stores all laps and much more data from races and qualifyings (feature#00108).
  • Added: SmartRace now remembers the last set up for each car (speed, brakes, fuel) with the possibility to re-apply these settings (feature#00100).
  • Added: Nice air wrench sound when someone is in the pits (feature#00193).
  • Added: Speech announcement when someone is in the pits (feature#00193).
  • Added: Voice countdown for start light (feature#00208).
  • Added: Possibility to tap anywhere on the screen to pause a race (just use the little hand icon on the bottom right, feature#00190).
  • Added: Add a voice announcement on refuel complete (feature#00229).
  • Added: Add a voice announcement if fuel tank is completely empty (feature#00239).
  • Added: In the car settings, each type (speed, brakes, fuel) can now be applied separately (or optionally all together).
  • Added: Logging mechanism for debugging (feature#00191).
  • Added: 1:43 as additional car scale.
  • Added: Single records can now also be deleted directly when viewing a driver/car (feature#00209).
  • Added: Allow for deleting all records of a track/driver/car at once (feature#00210).
  • Added: New manufacturer logos.
  • Fixed: An issue where wrong values would be transmitted in the car settings dialog.
  • Fixed: SmartRace would sometimes not be able to re-connect to the CU (e.g. after electrical short, #00241).
  • Fixed: Text selection/context menu was called when pressing a button too long (iOS, bug#00228).
  • Fixed: SmartRace will now wait a bit longer until asking for a store rating.
  • Fixed: Track records can’t be deleted sometimes (bug#00189).
  • Fixed: Increase size of select boxes (bug#00224).
  • Fixed: Images of drivers/cars/tracks are no longer displayed after app update (iOS, bug#00213).
  • Fixed: TTS is confusing some strings in spanish and italian (bug#00186).
  • Fixed: Background sound is being interrupted on iOS 10 (iOS, bug#00212).
  • Fixed: An issue where some elements would not be displayed correctly (e.g. the start button).
  • Improved overall performance of the user interface (stuttering menus and more).
  • Improved overall connection stability.

Version 2.2.2

  • Added: Italian voice output, thanks to Davide Guerrasio.
  • Fixed: Timer would be reset when suspending an event (bug#00185).
  • Fixed: Timer would be taken from last time-based event when starting a new lap-based one (bug#00185).
  • Fixed: Items from main navigation would sometimes be disabled unintended (bug#00185).
  • Fixed: When using “disable track after event end” option, fuel tanks would sometimes not be reset correctly (bug#00185).

Version 2.2.1

  • Added: Position tower now also displays time in time based events (feature#00175).
  • Added: On time based events, event timer will now always clock backwards.
  • Added: French voice output, thanks to Fred Bongiraud (feature#00181).
  • Added: and NSR as manufacturers.
  • Fixed: App can crash when bluetooth permissions are being requested (Android, issue#00162).
  • Improved overall app performance and decreased loading times.

Version 2.2.0

  • Added: Additional color boxes to choose from in controller color selection (feature#00177).
  • Added: New logo: Bill Thomas Cheetah, Citroen, Subaru (feature#00163 & feature#00171).
  • Added: On Android M, display a warning when needed services are disabled (feature#00153).
  • Added: Allow for some basic image editing when adding a photo (feature#00161).
  • Added: Spanish translation, thanks to Robin Santos!
  • Added: French translation, thanks to Fred Bongiraud!
  • Added: Re-added the possibility to share track records, improved the track records layout a bit.
  • Added: Personal records are now also available for cars and drivers and can be shared.
  • Added: Pit stop counter for each driver which will also show if a driver is currently in pits (feature#00165).
  • Added: The bluetooth communication stability and performance has been improved significantly.
  • Fixed: Drivers would not be able to improve their personal track record if slower than overall record (issue#00147).
  • Fixed: On Android L, select boxes (e.g. in settings dialog) can appear empty (issue#00178).
  • Fixed: Swap colours of fastest laps, pink is usually used for overall best instead of green (issue#00179).
  • Fixed: Improved information when car is currently in pits (issue#00169).
  • Fixed: Increased assignment dialog column width for better usability (issue#00170).
  • Fixed: Pit sign misplaced when using bigger fontsize (issue#00164).
  • Fixed: Images can’t be selected properly from library, fails with an error (Android, issue#00160).
  • Fixed: Some logos and manufacturers are missing (issue#00154).
  • Fixed: Images can only be selected from moments, not from photo roll (iOS, issue#00156).
  • Fixed: Driver/car images would disappear when starting a new event or the like (issue#00150).
  • Fixed: Some elements could be off screen after using the virtual keyboard (Android, issue#00180).
  • Fixed: Various bluetooth communication issues which could cause a massive delay, esp. on Android (issue#00176).
  • Fixed: An issue where the event timer would not be reset correctly.
  • Fixed: Event status did not consider the used language.
  • Removed: Fixed sorting option for race screen has been removed due to heavy issues.

Version 2.0.0

  • Added: More sounds (spoken sounds using text-to-speech and new ambient sounds, all configurable, feature#00061).
  • Added: Track database with some attributes and images. Records will be shown in track detail view.
  • Added: Time table can now be sorted after controller number (configurable, feature#00135).
  • Added: Laps can now be counted backwards (= remaining laps) (feature#00121).
  • Added: Allow for setting a minimum lap time (feature#00027).
  • Added: Save lap records per track and make them deletable (feature#00087).
  • Added: Allow for basic screen configuration (feature#00097).
  • Added: Added car and driver database with multiple new fields and images (feature#00092).
  • Added: Add an option to shut down the track after race/qualifying was finished (feature#00060).
  • Added: Allow for resetting color settings (feature#00066).
  • Added: Allow for deleting single assignments (feature#00065).
  • Added: New logos: Ford, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Chevrolet, Toyota (feature#00095 & feature#00067).
  • Added: Changing the assignments should not require a reload (feature#00063).
  • Added: Configurable background styles (images or colors).
  • Added: More ambient sounds (F1 V8 and F1 Hybrid).
  • Fixed: Improve compatiblity (issue#00122).
  • Fixed: Fuel gauge will only reach 93% max since firmware 3336 (issue#00080).
  • Improved overall UI performance.
  • Improved UI design with some eye candy.

Version 1.4.2

  • Fixed: Improved design of the „PIT“ sign to be less annoying.
  • Fixed: Bluetooth keeps loosing connection in race mode (iOS only, issue#00057).
  • Fixed: Fuel Gauge not showing if Carrera lap counter is connected (issue#00055).
  • Fixed: Track records only get updated on new overall record (issue#00058).

Version 1.4.1

  • Fixed: An issue where some devices could lose track of the control unit.
  • Added: A notice if the used CU firmware is too old.

Version 1.4.0

  • Added: Share your race and qualifying results using email, twitter, facebook etc. or save it to your fotos (feature#00029).
  • Added: The top 20 track records are now being stored (feature#00015).
  • Added: Each sound can now be enabled/disabled separately (feature#00050).
  • Added: Improved Overall app performance by re-implementing the way information is being pulled from the CU.
  • Added: Updated italian translations, thanks to Metanolo!
  • Fixed: An issue where the race winner could not be determined when ending the race manually.

Version 1.3.3

  • Fixed: An issue where the race or qualifying winner could not be determined.
  • Fixed: Position tower is now correctly updated for time based races, too (issue#00016).
  • Fixed: Bluetooth connection will now be kept alive if SmartRace is sent to background (Android only, issue#00017).
  • Fixed: Improved overall bluetooth connection stability.
  • Fixed: Zero times (00:00:000) could ocurr under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Make sounds also work on Android (issue#00047).
  • Fixed: SmartRace looses connection if changing certain settings (issue#00044).
  • Added: Applause sound when event has ended (qualifying, race).
  • Added: Remember last used race settings (feature#00041).
  • Added: Allow for ending an event manually with a new button (feature#00028).
  • Added: New logos (Maserati, Lotus, McLaren, Bentley) (feature#00040).

Version 1.3.2

  • Fixed: Car input field hidden by on-screen keyboard (issue#00037).
  • Fixed: Regression caused issue#00003 to re-occur.
  • Fixed: A rare issue where discarding the race or qualifying result would not work.
  • Fixed: An issue where the positions would not show up in a race.
  • Fixed: Added missing german translations for some strings. Hint: You can help translating at
  • Added: Race or qualifiying results now show the driver and car name instead of just the car number.
  • Added: Position tower is now working correctly for lap-based races, thanks a lot to Thomas Kemmer (issue#00016).

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed: Bluetooth connection should be dropped when the app is put to the background (issue#00017).
  • Fixed: Drag & drop interface for assignment doesn’t work well on small devices (issue#00020).
  • Fixed: Various improvements on the cars and drivers dialogs in order to ease usage on small devices.
  • Fixed: Adding a new items adds an empty entry at the bottom (issue#00025).
  • Fixed: Improved check to ignore 0:00:000 laptimes (issue#00035).
  • Fixed: Smartrace is not usable if the bluetooth connection is not established (issue#00019).
  • Fixed: Add sorting to the list of cars/drivers (issue#00031).
  • Fixed: No confirmation for deleting/clearing items (issue#00024).
  • Fixed: Some settings should not require SmartRace to reload (issue#00021).
  • Fixed: Prevent using the hardware back button in SmartRace (Android, issue#00030).
  • Added: Possibility to start/suspend/resume an event by using a ’start‘ button from the bottom menu bar (feature#00033).
  • Added: More manufacturer logos (Lamborghini, Jaguar, increased size of Mercedes logo) (feature#00026).

Version 1.3.0

  • Added: Pit sign to make it visible when a car enters the fuel zone.
  • Added: Support for devices with small displays.

Version 1.2.0

  • Added: Display total time after race has ended (also fastest lap) (feature#00008).
  • Added: Race ambiente sound and bell sound for fastest lap (iOS only, configurable).
  • Added: Improved fuel bar layout for better recognition from far distance.
  • Added: Show an obvious notification if there is a new best lap.
  • Added: Speed, brakes and fuel levels are now configurable (feature#00013).
  • Fixed: Ending race or practice/qualifiying does now reset fuel levels (issue#00003).
  • Fixed: A rare crash when SmartRace would reconnect to CU after losing the connection.
  • Fixed: Prevent forms from being submitted using another way than the save button.
  • Fixed: Improved sidebar layout for smaller screens.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added: Time table layout changes to allow for better readability.
  • Added: Ghost car can now also be displayed on time table (configurable).
  • Added: Cars and drivers can now be configured and assigned to a certain controller.
  • Added: Moved main navigation items to new sidebar to allow for more items in the future.
  • Added: Font size too small (feature#000011).
  • Added: Car number colors should be configurable (feature#00004).
  • Added: Italian language, thanks to Davide Guerrasio!
  • Fixed: Lap times and gaps should be displayed with decimal dot instead of comma (issue#00002).
  • Fixed: Time differences are shown incorrectly (issue#00007).

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