Version 3.0.0

    • Added: Support for connections via USB OTG cables (Android only, feature#00297).
    • Added: Resettable maintenance interval for cars. After the interval has been reached, a notification is shown in the car database (feature#00615).
    • Added: Average lap speed is now displayed for the best and last lap on the race screen (configurable, feature#00496).
    • Added: More speech notifications for 10, 5, 2 laps/minutes left (feature#00575).
    • Added: Current leader is now announced more often (feature#00583).
    • Added: Support for iPhone X.
    • Added: VLN background sound, thanks to Fabian B (feature#00554).
    • Added: the possibility to disable the weather completely (set probability to “off”, feature#00546).
    • Added: Weather settings are now remembered (feature#00513).
    • Added: a setting for weather to configure whether tires should be changed directly after the given seconds or if should be waited for refueling to 100% (feature#00520).
    • Added: separate voice overs for end of refueling and end of tire change (feature#00520).
    • Added: the possibility to control the transparency of the background image.
    • Added: the possibility to set a name only for voice output for drivers (feature#00486).
    • Added: a virtual best time which is calculated based on each personal best sector time (feature#00517).
    • Added: sector times are now hidden by default in the track records list and can be shown by tapping a row (feature#00608).
    • Added: when creating/adding a championship, already added drivers should not be selectable anymore (feature#00609).
    • Added: rain races now feature changing brake settings, too (feature#00487).
    • Added: the current weather-based speed/brake settings can now be re-applied anytime during a race using a special button (feature#00497).
    • Added: a special button on the main menu to re-apply all car settings from the car database (feature#00495).
    • Added: the weather settings now consider the settings for each car from the car database (feature#00495).
    • Added: Logo for mini (feature#00629).
    • Added: you can now set a maximum lap time for tracks, too (feature#00620).
    • Fixed: CSV export of results from history would show the wrong car name (issue#00637).
    • Fixed: speech output for weather changes should always have highest priority (issue#00630).
    • Fixed: with firmware 5337, automatic speed setting changes would sometimes not be applied correctly (issue#00550).
    • Fixed: The half time of a race should not be shouted out if it’s a race of only one lap (issue#00613).
    • Fixed: In-app purchases were not possible on Amazon Fire devices (issue#00625).
    • Fixed: wrong sorting of drivers when adding/editing a championship (issue#00589).
    • Fixed: support data could not be sent correctly on Android (issue#00507).
    • Fixed: wrong sorting for cars and tracks on personal records tab (issue#00586).
    • Fixed: an issue where the overall performance would decrease after several races; could also cause connection drops (not on iOS, issue#00521).
    • Fixed: voice output of weather changes did not consider the voice language from the settings (issue#00555).
    • Fixed: an issue where the tires would also get changed in qualifyings.
    • Improved bluetooth stability and performance (does not affect the disconnects on iOS 11, see for this).
    • Improved user interface for better usability and better screen space usage.

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SmartRace is a software for Mac, tablets and smartphones and is used for timing Carrera Digital tracks in 1:32 and 1:24 scale and via the Analogue mode also for analogue tracks (e.g. Carrera Evolution, Carrera Exclusiv, Carrera Go!!!, Ninco, Scalextric or others). SmartRace either connects to the Carrera AppConnect adapter via Bluetooth or takes the measurement in analogue mode via the camera of a smartphone connected via SmartRace Connect

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