October 2020

What you need to know about SmartRace 3.15

When you open SmartRace after you downloaded the 3.15 update on iOS, you will probably notice the app seems to have reset to the default state. Although all your drivers, cars, tracks, records and so on are still there, it is true that all other settings have been reset. Unfortunately this was unavoidable due to breaking changes made by Apple in iOS. I know this will cause some inconveniences and... read more

January 2020

Why does SmartRace need permissions to use location services on Android?

This question has been asked a lot of times already and has also been the reason for bad reviews of SmartRace. Since I was also not sure why the permission to use location services was needed, I started to dig a bit deeper into the topic and here is what I found. First off, SmartRace is no "native" app but is wrapped into a container framework which is called "Cordova".... read more

October 2019

The SmartRace Champions Club

Since SmartRace 3.11, there is a new feature called the SmartRace Champions Club (SCC). The SCC is the easiest way for you to get access to all available add-ons of SmartRace without having to invest much money, but instead as a very reasonable monthly subscription. And the best thing about it is that you will not only be able to access existing add-ons, but also all future add-ons as well... read more

December 2018

Coming soon: a separate version of SmartRace for Carrera Go!!! Plus

For the small racers, Carrera provides a system called "Carrera Go!!! Plus", which is basically an analogue track which can be connected to a tablet/smartphone via bluetooth. While the hardware is kind of nice, the software seems to bother many people who express their anger by giving very bad reviews on the stores (even worse than for the go plus's app big brother for Carrera Digital, called the Carrera Race... read more

October 2018

Changes to the damage simulation

Due to feedback of several users, the damage simulation add-on will be slightly changed for the upcoming version of SmartRace. In the future, lap counting will continue as usual for damage cars. This is how it is going to be working now: If a driver exceeds the configurable target lap time, their car will be "damaged" (same behavior as now) Lap will still be counted for damaged cars If a... read more

January 2018

SmartRace no longer on Amazon app store

After SmartRace has been available on Amazon since August 2016, I decided to cease the native support for Amazons Fire devices. It turned out that the effort that it takes to maintain and update the app for another platform is much higher than the gains. I never expected the demand to be high, but in the end it was even lower than my most cautious predictions. Another downside is the... read more

January 2018

New SmartRace website has been launched

After several months of work, the new SmartRace website has finally been launched. The old website was created in the early days of SmartRace and was never intended to be as big as it had to be (including manuals, being bilingually, etc.). Especially the manual was done hastilly and suffered from a bad user experience. To extend the website was a real pain, because it was meant as a single... read more

August 2017

About in-app purchases in SmartRace

SmartRace 2.8.4 introduced in-app purchases for some features. You may have asked yourself “why on earth should I pay for new features when I already bought a full-price app?”. Well, this is a valid question after you already paid a considerable amount of money for the app itself. The answer is simple: the market for SmartRace and other apps of the same kind is very small. Though developing SmartRace is... read more