After a race ends

After a race or qualifying ends

After the end of a race or qualifying you can do several things. First of all, the winner is being determined and shown, as well as the fastest lap and the overview of all results and gaps. Now you have some possibilities to continue.

  • Discard: this will just close the result screen without the possibility to show it again. The result is not saved. SmartRace returns to “free practice”.
  • Share or export: save the result to your media library or share it using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more (depending on the apps on your device).
  • Save: this will save the race or qualifying result to the history module so you can view it later. Besides all driven laps, also pit stops and lead changes are being saved.
  • Save as championship race: if you own the add-on “championships and teams“, you can save the race as a championship race. Clicking this button will open a dialog which allows you to pick the championship you would like to count this race to.