Drivers, cars and tracks

Add and manage drivers, cars and tracks

Assignment screen

Picking the certain entries from the main menu, you can add and manage drivers, cars and tracks. Also, there are some personal statistics (including driven laps, pole positions, victories, and many more) for cars and drivers, which are gathered from all races and qualifyings which have been saved to the history module.

By the way: if you need images for your cars in SmartRace, take a look at the Carrera car database.

After you have created drivers and cars, you should assign them to a controller, using the “assignment” dialog. In this dialog you see a list of controllers (with their current assignment), drivers and cars. Entries with yellow background are currently selected.

You can also assign a driver and car for controller 7 and 8. These controllers are used by the ghost car (7) and safety car (8) and can’t be used by human drivers. But please note: no matter how many ghost cars you use, they’re all counted for controller 7 by the control unit (not controllable by SmartRace).

Track database

You can also add tracks. Besides a picture and some meta data, you can also define a minimum lap time. This setting is meant to avoid invalid lap times. If for example a driver crashes right after the finish line and then puts back their car right before the finish line, a very short lap time would be the result. With the minimum lap time you can avoid this by setting a time which will never be possible under regular circumstances. If your track record is for example 8 seconds, you could set a minimum lap time of 6 seconds (6000 milliseconds), knowing that this time will never be possible without cutting the track. If a driver then has a lap time of 6 seconds (or faster), their lap will not be counted.