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Manage your data in SmartRace

In the main menu of SmartRace you will find the “Manage” section. It contains five things: Cars, Drivers, Tracks, Teams and Championships. Each item works in the same way: Here you can create, display, update and delete entries in the respective database. Each database has its own fields that offer you many options for entering your data in a structured way.

Manage cars

The car database in SmartRace is the most comprehensive database. Most of the fields are only intended for data entry and the display of matters, but have no special function. This manual only explains the fields that are not self-explanatory or associated with a specific function.

  • Category tags: You can add tags in the overview screen of the vehicle database by clicking on the “Manage category tags” button at the bottom right. This will open a separate overview where you can add, edit or delete tags. Category tags are useful for grouping your vehicles and can be filtered in the vehicle database overview.
  • Scale: The scale is also relevant for the calculation of the average lap speed (which can be switched on and off in the race screen settings). You must specify the correct scale of the car so that SmartRace can calculate the average lap speed correctly.
  • Color: The color (if defined) overwrites the controller color set in the “Controller colors” section as soon as you assign this car to a controller in the “Controller assignments” section.
  • Maintenance interval: If you specify a number of laps here, SmartRace will display a message in the vehicle database as soon as the vehicle has exceeded this number of laps. This can be useful if you want to keep track of how often you maintain your cars. The hint contains a button that you can use to reset the interval so that it starts counting again. You can also reset the interval manually by editing the “Laps since maintenance” field right next to this field.

If you tap on a car in the database overview, you will be redirected to the detailed view of this vehicle. In the detailed view, you will find some statistical data as well as the track record for this car for each track in your database. You will also see the current tuning settings for that car in the form of sliders, which you can also use to change the settings. You can also change the settings when you are not connected to your track. This means that they are only saved in the database, but are automatically transferred the next time you drive the car on your track and SmartRace is connected to it.

Category tags for cars

You can also assign so-called category tags to your cars. You can manage your category tags by pressing the “Category tags” button at the bottom right of the overview of your cars. This will open an overview in which you can manage your tags and create new tags. You can then assign one or more of the tags created there to your cars in the edit screen. You can then, for example, filter your car database and your track records by cars to which the selected tag is assigned. For example, you can group your cars by racing class (GT, Formula 1, Rally, etc.).

Manage drivers

Drivers can be managed in a similar way, and they also have some special fields:

  • Short name: The content of this field is used in several places in the app to display a short version of the rider’s name, consisting of a maximum of three letters. If the field is empty, SmartRace automatically generates the short name from the normal name.
  • Spoken name: You can use this field to ensure that SmartRace pronounces the driver’s name correctly. Some names are pronounced strangely by text-to-speech engines, so you can specify a special form of the driver’s name to help the engine.
  • Start number fields: Currently, the start number is only displayed in the rider profile and in the track records.
  • Team: Determines which team the driver belongs to. Teams can be defined in the “Teams” area in the “Manage” section of the main menu. Teams are currently only relevant for championships.

Manage tracks

Even if you think that you will probably only add one track to the database, you may want to add more. Would you like to have different lists of track records for different vehicle classes or different groups of drivers? Then just add another track. And that’s what tracks are all about: saving track records. A track record (i.e. the fastest lap) is only saved under three conditions:

  • You have assigned a car and a driver to a controller in the “Controller assignments” section.
  • You have selected an active track. A track record always refers to a specific track. If no track is selected, SmartRace does not know which track the record belongs to and does not record it accordingly.

Tracks also have some special fields in the database:

  • Reference lap time: This field is relevant for the fuel simulation. You can configure a reference lap time in the “Fuel simulation” section in the SmartRace settings, but you may want to have different reference times for different tracks. If you define them in the track settings, this setting will override the general setting.
  • Min. lap time: This can be useful to ensure that a lap is not counted if lap times are unrealistically low (and therefore no track record is recorded). This could happen, for example, if a car has an accident after the start of the lap and the driver brings it back onto the track just before the finish line.
  • Max. Lap time: If a car exceeds this time, the lap will not be counted. This setting is not intended to penalize drivers (see the “Penalties” section of this manual instead), but to exclude unrealistically long lap times from being recorded, which can happen, for example, if drivers decide to take their car off the track for maintenance or chat with others during their pit stop.

Manage teams

The team function in SmartRace allows you to group drivers into teams for championships. Currently, championships are the only place in SmartRace where teams play a role. If a rider is part of a team, this team is automatically displayed in the team ranking of the championship. To create a new team, go to the Teams section in the SmartRace main menu and tap the “New” button at the bottom left. You can add a name, a location, a picture and a description for the team and save it. The location can be a city or state where the team is located and has no effect on anything.

To assign a rider to a team, go to the rider area in SmartRace and open the edit mode for the rider you want to assign to the team. At the bottom of the edit screen, you will find the “Team” selection directly above the “Active” field. If you have created at least one team, it will appear in the selection.

Sorting and filtering in database views

Some databases offer the option of sorting and filtering. This is possible via the “Filter” button at the top right of the database overview. If you tap on the button, the area for sorting and filtering is displayed.

Cars database with active filters and sorting

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