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Lap time based fuel simulation

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This feature requires the Carrera Digital Pitlane with a built-in Pit Stop Adapter Unit. Learn more about how the pit lane works.

What is the lap time based fuel simulation?

As the name suggests, the lap time-based fuel simulation (LTFS) simulates the consumption of the cars based on the lap time driven. The consumption is calculated on the basis of the deviation from the (adjustable) reference lap time. If the reference lap time is exceeded, consumption increases; if it is not reached, it decreases, meaning the faster you go, the more fuel is used.

Note: Unlike the fuel simulation of the Control Unit, the lap time-based fuel simulation in SmartRace does not support refueling by pressing the lane change button on the controller. The reason for this is that the Control Unit does not pass on the information that the button has been pressed to connected apps, which is why they cannot react to this (e.g. to start refueling).


Please note: The lap time-based fuel simulation can only be switched on and used in conjunction with a Carrera Digital track if the “Fuel” switch on the Control Unit has been set to “off”.

To use the LTFS, you have to activate it under Settings > Consumption simulation. You also have to define for which event types (free practice, qualification, race) the RBSS should be used.


  • Consumption in % per lap: Here you set by how many percentage points the tank should empty per lap (depending on the lap time driven).
  • Reference lap time in seconds: If a driver drives this lap time, his fuel level decreases by the set percentage value.
  • Deviation Impact: Here you define how strong the effect of faster or slower laps should be. With the default value (100%), the effect runs parallel to the deviation. A lap that is 10% faster than the reference lap time increases the set consumption by 10%, while a lap that is 10% slower decreases it by 10%. The higher the percentage value, the stronger the effect: A faster lap is thus more “punished” by increased consumption, a slower one more “rewarded” by lowered consumption.
  • Refueling in % per second during pit stop: The fuel level increases by the percentage value set here every second during the pit stop.
  • Should cars with an empty tank be slowed down automatically: Lowers the speed of cars with an empty tank to the minimum level when switched on. This setting has no effect in analog mode.
  • Should laps of cars with empty tank be counted: If switched on, laps of cars with empty tank will be counted normally. If switched off, these cars will be excluded from the lap counting.

Usage in analog mode

The lap time based sprite simulation (LTFS) can also be used in analog mode. To do this, the hotspots must first be fixed. Then a vehicle that stops in the hotspot can refuel according to the settings explained above.

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