Do you need help with using SmartRace? A manual with answers for the most frequently asked questions and issues is available here.

Starting the app

Starting the app

First of all, please make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your tablet or smart phone device and the control unit is switched on. If the AppConnect dongle is plugged correctly, its blue LED will blink. Now start SmartRace on your device.

After SmartRace has been started, the connection will be established automatically by the app.

Please note that after connecting SmartRace to the control unit, the app sends a START signal to the control unit for technical reasons. This might cause the track to be paused and all red LEDs on the control unit might be enabled. In that case, please just press ESC or START to continue driving.

A green bar on the top right of the screen should tell you the connection was successfully established. Now you can start racing. When you cross the line with a car, you’ll notice the drivers name is NoNameDriver, driving a NoNameCar, which means that you have either not added any drivers and cars yet, or you didn’t assign them correctly to the controller you’re currently using. Learn how to create and manage cars and drivers and how to assign them.