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Start the SmartRace Connect server

Please note: this feature is part of a chargeable add-on which can be purchased from within the app. To purchase it, open the “add-ons” dialog from the main menu in SmartRace. If you would like to know more about in-app purchases in SmartRace, please look here.
Note: SmartRace Connect may not work if you use a guest Wifi, as most manufacturers do not allow port sharing on guest networks. However, SmartRace does not need access to the Internet connection, so it is also possible to use a discarded router that only provides a Wifi, which can then be used for SmartRace Connect (thanks to user Christian K. for the tip!).

To start the SmartRace Connect server, select the entry “SmartRace Connect” from the main menu of SmartRace and press the green button from the upcoming dialog afterwards. The server is started in the background and a QR code is generated, which can be scanned from the devices which you want to connect. The “help” tab provides some useful trouble shooting information. Two of the most important things you’ll need to consider are:

  • In the room where your track is you should have a stable wifi connection available.
  • All devices which should be connected to each other (both the server and all clients) must be connected to the same wifi network and must be able to see and interact with each other.

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