SmartRace Connect – Connect device

Connect a device

Please note: this feature is part of a chargeable add-on which can be purchased from within the app. To purchase it, open the “add-ons” dialog from the main menu in SmartRace. If you would like to know more about in-app purchases in SmartRace, please look here.
Can’t connect? Please note that SmartRace Connect doesn’t work within guest wifis. You have to use a regular wifi connection. If it still doesn’t work, you may have to enable something called “IGMP Snooping” in the settings of your wifi router (can commonly be found in the professional/advanced settings area; may only be helpful if you’re using a router as an access point). In addition, please make sure you don’t have Access Point Isolation (AP Isolation) enabled.

There are several ways to connect a device which is running SmartRace Connect to the main device which is running SmartRace:

  • scan the QR code from SmartRace
  • enter the IP address manually
  • scan the QR code from another device which is already connected

Once your device is connected, you can select the controller you’d like to watch. As soon as you have selected one, you’re able to see the fuel gauge and your lap times. Using the light button on the bottom of the screen, you can enable the light flasher of your car for some seconds.