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Free practice, qualifying and race

Free practice, qualifying and race

SmartRace supports three driving modes: free practice, qualifying and race. Free practice is the default. It doesn’t have to be selected or started, but is always active if there is currently no race or qualifying. To start a qualifying, select “Qualifying” from the main menu, which will allow you to set some parameters for the qualifying. Hit start in the dialog to confirm your set up and press the START button on either the app or your control unit to start the event.

Starting a race works the same way. In addition to the known parameters, you can also define whether it should be a time or lap based race. A time based race will end exactly after the given amount of time, while a lap based race will end when a driver hits the lap goal (depending on what you have configured in the settings). You can also define the active track in the event start dialog.

Please note that track records are only recorded for the active track. If you have more than one track in your track database, please make sure to select the right track. Otherwise your track records might get confused.

If you own the weather add-on, you can also set up the weather changing conditions.