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Laps are erroneously counted in the pit lane

Laps are erroneously counted in the pit lane

You can enable/disable lap counting in the pit lane. To do that, please turn off your Control Unit and hold the button “SPEED” (button 5) when it is off. Now turn the Control Unit back on again and release the “SPEED” button. When you now press “SPEED” again just once, it either enables the lap counting or disables it:

  • LED 1 is on: lap counting disabled.
  • LED 1 +2 are on: lap counting enabled.

Press the button “SPEED” until the lap counting is set up as you wish. To confirm the setting, move or drive a car over the sensor on the pit lane rail (not the start finish/line on the control unit!). The settings are only confirmed after you did this!

To quit and leave the settings, press the “START/ENTER” button once.